Friday, February 17, 2012

The. End.

I made a push last weekend to finally finish the second book in The Goddess Connection series, Dancing With the Devil. Writing time's hard won these days, or I might have finished before the end of last year. This story's been in my head for far too long, and it's a relief to finally have it down in story form. After much cutting and revising, it ended up at about 57k.

Not that it's the final version, of course. My crit partners have to review it, and I'll depend on their honest critiques to point out any flaws I've missed. But they're very good at that, so I have no worries there. :)

Here's a peek at the cover - what do you think?

While this is the second book in the series, it doesn't follow the same characters but instead follows this theme: Every woman should embrace her inner goddess. In each book, the heroine will be somehow connected to a goddess. Her lifelong quirks will become strengths once she finds her true place in the world, and accepts herself for who she really is.

The first book, The Magic of Lavender, related to the goddess Iris.
In Dancing with the Devil, the heroine is connected to the goddess Persephone. Yep, wife of Hades. It made for some very interesting scenes in the Underworld, and even more interesting characters. Researching the mythology of such figures sets my imagination in motion, and unearthed some wonderful information about ancient dances. But that's for another post. :)
Any goddesses that particularly interest you? That you'd like to see, say, as part of The Goddess Connection series?


Marta Szemik said...

I like the concept of women identifying themselves with a goddess. How about Aphrodite?

Cate Masters said...

Oo, I haven't looked at her yet. I get carried away with research, lol.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cover looks good! Bet 'the end' felt good to write.

J.A. Beard said...

Congrats on finishing.

Are you going to stick with European goddesses?

Cate Masters said...

Thanks, Alex - yes, it was a long time coming, but now a lot of revisions ahead!

Thanks, J.A. I do have an Egyptian goddess in mind for another story, and an Irish one. Not sure after that.