Sunday, March 4, 2012

How's it going with those resolutions?

It's not quite a quarter of the way into 2012, and I'm already behind on my resolutions. I feel good about making an attempt, though. And with today the first day of Read an E-Book Week, I'll at least read one!

I'm getting some writing done. Woo hoo! (But am sitting out SSS today because I'm far behind.)

And I'm getting some reading done. Mostly short stories and novellas, but I'm working my way down through the list on my Kindle (now jammed with 265 items - more on that later this month).

But I don't want to simply read the stories and set them aside. I'll share them with you so you can check out these fantastic authors too.

In no particular order...

Arrow to the Heart by Arlene Webb
In every one of her stories, Arlene's prose sparkles with wit and smart humor. Her twist on Cupid will leave you chuckling and turning pages to find out what's going to happen next, and the ending will leave you wanting more.

Let it Rain - Lacey's Lamp by Arlene Webb
A short, sweet and sexy read about a married couple rediscovering their relationship after making the same wish - for each other.

Bones of the Sea by Pippa Jay
A fascinating scifi/speculative read that will leave you wishing it were longer. Don't pass on this incredible freebie. Love that cover as well.

North of Need by Laura Kaye
Laura draws you into this sweet fantasy about a grieving widow whose loneliness brings a snowman to life. It's an engaging, emotional read that will have you wishing for snow and your own hot snowman. And yeah, the cover drew me in as well!

An Ordinary Girl by Barbara Elsborg
Barbara's another author whose work I have much to catch up on. She has a wonderful writing style. I have a few other titles on my Kindle by Barbara, but the flawed characters of An Ordinary Girl hooked me. They're both damaged, but together, learn to heal one another. Barbara's gritty realism makes you root for these characters so the ending's all the more gratifying.

I need to get back to the writing books waiting for me as well - I have at least half a dozen on my Kindle yet.

I'm excited that I sent for Anne Rice's latest. How crazy is it that the hardcover copy cost less than the Kindle version? Not sure what the big pubs are thinking with that.

Have you read any of these stories? Any story recommendations of your own to make? Any ebooks you'll be reading this week?


Arlene said...

Ahh, what a sweetheart. Thanks for your kind words, Cate. I'm so lucky to have gotten to know not only many fantastic writers, but also ones like you who give so much of their time supporting other authors!!

Cate Masters said...

Back at you, Arlene. I love your writing, and so appreciate your support.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I have a few waiting for me to read and I'm purchasing at least two this week.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The eBook version should never cost more than the physical version - that's just goofy.
And I have a huge list of books waiting for me on my iPad.

Cate Masters said...

My wish list is about seven pages long on Amazon, Susan. I just keep adding more....

Alex, it seemed like a really bad business move to me. Unless they're trying to kill print books! But the production costs are surely much lower for an ebook than print, so hmmm. Could greed be a factor?