Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two great reviews!

Wow, I am just floored. Night Owl Reviews rated The Magic of Lavender as a Top Pick! I can't even describe how happy it made me.

Here's part of the review:

"I have read a lot of novels. Very few of them have the same utterly charming, heartwarming quality of this novel. The Magic of Lavender is totally delightful from the very first word to the last.
This enchanting story brings in all the beauty of the Fey world, as well as the darkness of the Underworld, to combine in a glorious arrangement that is both exiting and captivating but still soothing all at once. As is obvious, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is a perfect length, which allows everything that needs to happen enough time to happen. The characters are obviously very expertly designed, instantly sparking to life on the page."

I am so, so grateful for the review, especially because Night Owl Reviews took a chance on a self-pubbed book.

I'm also really grateful to Sizzlin' Hot Book Reviews, which rated Dancing With The Devil 4 hearts! Also a self-pubbed book, which makes me doubly grateful for the review.

Here's part of it:
Dancing With the Devil is a fun, spunky romance with a devilish side. Lily gives a different perspectiveson everything she sees in her life and when she learns who her family is she knows that family is important no matter how evil they can sometimes be. Everyone has a bit of good and evil in them, and most lean more towards one than the other.
If you are looking for an entertaining feel-good story with some steam added to the mix, Dancing With the Devil is a great romance to add to your to be read list.

The Magic of Lavender and Dancing With the Devil are books one and two in The Goddess Connection series. Those goddesses are kicking butt this week! Now I need to get to work on book three. :)

If you haven't yet downloaded your copy of Dancing With the Devil, today's the last day it will be available free on Amazon. Go grab it! :)

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