Sunday, June 24, 2012

SSS: Life goes on?

Hey Sixers! I'm not an "official" participant today because I didn't sign up on the site. I'm under the gun to get some writing done this weekend. But if you leave a comment, I promise to catch up to you later this week. :)

Here's another six from Orion Rising. Written from Mary's viewpoint as a girl, after her youngest brother is lost in a flood.

During the weeks that followed, time was imbued with the same hazy quality it had held that day at the river, when everything seemed slightly out of sync. When they were not at the hospital visiting Percy, our parents seemed themselves to be in a fog, unless the telephone rang or someone came to the door – then their attention snapped sharply into focus. But no one brought any news about Aurie; it was always a neighbor checking in, dropping by with a casserole, or else the captain of the River Rescue was at the door, saying he had no new evidence, no sign of Aurie other than a sneaker whose lace had snagged on the tree limb, found the day he disappeared.

Grandmama had come to look after us, arriving the following day with two large suitcases. She bustled about the house, making meals, doing laundry, making sure that Allie and I dressed and ate. She was a presence of life, of movement, when everyone else acted paralyzed.

Thanks so much for visiting, and especially your comments. You guys rock. And as always, you'll be amazed by the Six Sentence Sunday range of talent. Have a great week!

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Lisa Fox said...

So much tension and waiting even amidst all that activity.