Monday, August 6, 2012

Casting Call: Death Is A Bitch

Oo, I've been waiting a long time to share this cast!

This was such a fun story to write, and as usual, played like a movie in my head as I wrote.

And as usual, the characters came through very clearly.
Death. The word conjures quite a few negative images, doesn't it? Well, why? Why shouldn't Death be a gorgeous babe in gold stilettos? Intelligent and sensitive, she has a work ethic to match the relentless task of harvesting souls. Trouble is, it wreaks havoc on her personal existence.

Since I began writing this story, Claudia Black was always Death. She can portray a strong and strong-willed female, a warrior-goddess who, if crossed, will yes - become a bitch. One you don't want to cross.

Azrael, Patron Angel of the Dying and the Dead, oversees all those associated with the process of dying, from funeral home workers to grief counselors to pallbearers and yes, the grieving people left behind.

I imagined him as somewhat shy, adorable but awkward with females. Especially Death, on whom he's had an eternal crush. :)

Paul Walker makes a wonderful Azrael.

As you might imagine, Death has an interesting family. Not one you'd probably want to share a holiday dinner with, though.

Her twin sister, Hypnos, bestows sleep on humans. She's every bit as busy as Death, but instead of gold stilettos, she wears raggedy bunny slippers. Hypnos is much more laid back.

Cute, wide-eyed Zooey Deschanel was always Hypnos. I love that she might be about to yawn in this pic.

Death's parents are likewise, um, interesting. Her mother is Nyx, otherwise known as Night. As beautiful as her daughters, she's also intelligent and exciting.

Anjelica Houston is perfect as Nyx. She has the goddess thing down.

Her hubby, Death and Hypnos' father, is Erebos, otherwise known as Darkness. He's well acquainted with Earth, but also with the Underworld, and he often tries to get into the Prince of Darkness' good graces (someone should tell him, good luck with that). He also has a penchant for too much hair product.

Classically handsome, he can sometimes be shallow, but beneath it all, loves his family and would do anything for them.

George Clooney was Erebox from the start.

Aside from Death, Damien the demon might be my favorite character in this story. Too handsome for his own good, he's also witty and clever, and underhanded (as demons are). Not one to be trusted for an instant. Humans sometimes call him into service unwittingly at the moment of their passing, a last desperate attempt to cling to life. This brings Damien into frequent contact with Death. Not that he minds. He loves it, in fact, and wants a lot more contact than Death is willing to give. Her reluctance pisses him off. And a pissed-off demon is a vengeful demon.

Bad boy Collin Farrell made writing Damien's character so much fun.

As myth has it, King Sisyphus is the only human who ever escaped Death's clutches. Twice, in fact. Zeus sentenced him to forever push a boulder up a hill in Tartarus, and he's damn tired of it. So tired, he'll listen to any scheming demon.

Harvey Keitel would make a wonderful Sisyphus.

I took some liberty with Acragas. Son of Zeus and the Oceanid Asterope, Acragas was a silver smith. My research revealed that items made from silver often possess some sort of magical power. What fun! Of course, I had to give Death a charm bracelet of magical silver, and each charm has a specific function.

I imagined Acragas, the master silversmith, as lanky and tall, with wiry red hair, and prone to wearing funky clothes. Maybe I had T.C. Boyle in my head all along, but he was Acragas while I wrote. No, he's not an actor, but a writer I idolize. And the movie's in my head, but he'd be very cool as Acragas on the big screen too.

Another master at his craft, Malean is the tattoo artist who inked Death's butterfly tattoo. Yep, the one that shows each human's face as they're dying.

A small but important part, Jack Black's great as Malean.

You can find out more about Death Is A Bitch here.

Or purchase an ebook from Smashwords.

Death will appreciate you reading her story. ;)


Donna Hole said...

Dang it; your links just cycle to posts about the books. I hope this is on Kindle b/c you have absolutely sold me on this novel.


Ciara said...

I can't find a link to it, but I'll go to Kindle after blogging and look it up. Hopefully it is there. :)

Cate Masters said...

Sorry guys! One of the dangers of setting up a post before the actual release. I forgot to add the links before but they're there now. :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Great casting. You picked some lovely, talented actors.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some great choices! Nice to see Claudia Black on the list.

DMS said...

Loved seeing the cast! Now I will know who to picture when I read the book. Sounds fascinating- and I love George Clooney. :)

C.M.Brown said...

The casts sound great Cate, they would certainly add their talents to make it a hit!

Cate Masters said...

They are a great bunch, Susan. :)

Claudia's perfect as Death, Alex!

Hope you enjoy it Stephanie!

Oh, to see them perform it on the big screen, CM! :)