Friday, August 10, 2012

Inspiration and work ethic ride right next to each other

Those are the words of Jack White. Wise words. There are many more in this three-minute video, packed with great information writers can apply to their own work – basically, that success and “having it made” can kill your creativity. You get too comfortable with the way things are set up, and you have nothing to challenge you. So he manufactures his own tension in hundreds of little ways for his performances, and doing this forces him to create something new and different each time.

The same is true for writers. It’s wonderful to reach new plateaus and experience breakthroughs, but then what? You have to keep setting the bar higher and higher. And treat it like a job:
“Inspiration and work ethic — they ride right next to each other…. Not every day you’re gonna wake up and the clouds are gonna part and rays from heaven are gonna come down and you’re gonna write a song from it. Sometimes, you just get in there and just force yourself to work, and maybe something good will come out."


Angela Brown said...

I'm in agreement that work ethic and inspiration work hand in hand.

I'm also curious as to the nature of humanity that causes the lackadaisical to occur even when things are great. Not for greed's sake, but for the sake of getting better at what we do even when our definition of success is reached. Probably thinking too deeply for a Friday morning lol!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Considering I just spent the past two months writing several hours a night no matter what, I understand the truth in that!

DMS said...

Great post and interesting video clip. I like the idea of writing or working even when it doesn't feel as productive. Sometimes I don't do that- and I should. We do keep having new things to strive for! Thanks for sharing.

Carol Kilgore said...

Oh, gosh. I really agree with this. Thanks!

Happy Weekend :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Great advice. It's always difficult for me to start an entirely new thing.

Sonya Clark said...

Thanks for posting this, it really resonates. Especially coming from Jack White, whose music has been such an inspiration to a lot of what I write.

Cate Masters said...

It is a puzzle, Angela, but maybe it has to do with structure. Some people need definite boundaries in which to work. But that might be too deep for a Monday morning! :)

Yep, we can all relate, Alex!

Jess, my favorite author quote is: Chain that muse to the desk and get the job done! Doesn't always work, but you never know till you try. :)

I had a great weekend away, Carol! Hope yours was wonderful too.

Finishing a project leaves me afloat for a little, Susan, but sometimes I can dig right into another.

I love Jack White too Sonya!