Friday, November 2, 2012

Angela Brown spills the beans!

Hi Angela! So glad to have you at Spilling the Beans, where we can learn a little bit about you, and your book.

*Thank you, Cate, for having me.  I’m super excited to be here and to share about Neverlove.

Grab a cappuccino and let’s chat. Unless you have another favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?

*Wild Cherry Pepsi is my drink of addiction – um – my favorite.  But for our chat, I better relax with some delicious Fuki plum wine to settle my giddy nerves.

Fur or feathers, petwise?

*Oh…petwise.  Darn *snaps finger*  Well, petwise it would be neither.  My Chipmunk’s  allergies make things a bit hard.

Any pet peeves? One thing that really burns your biscuits?

*Writing-wise, nothing comes straight to mind, however, I have a strong lack-of-understanding how people can make choices, especially really big ones, without consciously checking information for themselves.

Favorite quote?

"You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Love that. :) What’s your ideal day like?

*My ideal day would consist of me dropping the Chipmunk off to school and running up to the mall to get in a good early morning thirty minute powerwalk.  A shower afterwards would be a must to get the sweat gone.  Then I’d spend the day hopping around to blogs, writing and more writing.  After picking the Chipmunk up from school, it would be homework time and “spend a little time bonding with my Chipmunk” time.  Bedtime and prayer time with Chipmunk would usher in another hour or two where I would read a book until sleep claimed me.  Not exactly exciting, but if I didn’t have my day gig in the way, what I mentioned here would be my ideal day.

Sounds lovely. If you could live out any fantasy, what would you do?

*This is probably the hardest question. Maybe I could get caught up in a fantasy randomizer machine that tosses me into situations where I was guaranteed to have Idris Elba, Johnny Depp and Daniel Dae Kim in every fantasy, whether we were playing at pirates stealing the ultimate treasure, perhaps one with me as the queen and the three of them as my faithful guards, or our own lost in paradise fantasy.

I like the way you think! 
Beethoven, Beatles, Foo Fighters or Keith Urban (what types of music makes you rock out)?

*I rock out to Linkin Park and Evanescence, relax and refresh my mood to neo soul like Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton and find my center with various classical songs.  I have a particular penchant for flamenco like Gypsy Kings and Jessie Cook.

Does music influence your writing? Do you have a music playlist for your book?

*Adele’s “Set fire to the rain” was the inspiration for my 2012 A to Z blogging challenge that turned into my Abby and Basil blog opera which morphed into the novel Neverlove.  But I don’t have a playlist for my book, though I mention a song by Linkin Park in the book.

Which of your characters would you most/least to hang out with, and why?

*I would enjoy hanging out with Abby.  She’s been through a few things and she loves to read like I do.  We’d probably have tons to discuss.  The one I would least like to hang around with is Walter.  He’s just so full of himself, ugh!

While creating your books, what was one of the most surprising things you learned?

*I learned I liked writing up the villain more than I cared to admit.  Don’t want to psycho-analyze that, though.  It could mean something and I’d rather remain blissful in my ignorance J

It's fun the explore the dark side! 
Where can readers find out more about you?

*My blog, Angela Brown in Pursuit of Publishness, is where people can find out more about me.  They can also visit my Goodreads author page.

Please share a book blurb and/or excerpt.


Book blurb:

For seventeen-year-old Abigail, one rash decision leads to an unexpected chance for redemption. At V'Salicus Academy, a unique institute where she trains to become an agent of heaven, she struggles with the pain of her past, the changes of the present and accepts a loveless future until her path – and heart – crosses with Basil’s.

Basil's off-chance slip of the tongue binds him to a life of servitude to the Devourer, the master of hell. His existence has no upside until a chance meeting with Abigail brings new perspective.

Keeping the truth of their present lives from each other brings disaster when secrets are brought to light and the life of Abigail’s mentor is put on the line.

Can Abigail and Basil save her mentor and salvage their love amid the chaos? Or will they lose it all, destined forever to NEVERLOVE?


Minutes passed to an hour when Abigail finally sank into her parents’ claw foot tub. Steam rose in white, smoky wisps from the water’s surface. Stinging warmth seeped into her skin, her pores taunted open by the heat. Just the thing to cleanse her father from her system. Release the filth of his still-lingering touch. Not that it would matter soon. After last night, she’d made up her mind. Seventeen wasn’t such a bad age to die.

Abigail cast a glance toward the bathroom floor. Ripped pieces of her mother’s stationary littered every inch, her failed attempts to come up with a poetic message, something meaningful to leave behind.  The lace edging of each pink scrap curled from the steam, pitiful imitations of rose petals. Her tired gaze slid up to the mirror where her final words stood out bold in her favorite shade of dark red:

Deciding to die should have been the hard part. Not the stupid note!

Three empty lipstick tubes sat on the pedestal sink.

Yeah. That’s about all her life amounted to.

Thanks so much for having me here today, Cate :)

Thanks for spilling the beans today, Angela!


Cate Masters said...

Welcome Angela! Congrats on your release. Love the blurb and excerpt!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You know, a relaxing day at home sounds ideal to me!
Good interview, ladies.

DMS said...

What a fun interview! A day getting things done in a stress-free environment sounds good. I enjoyed learning more aobut Angela!