Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taryn Kincaid Spills the Beans - in a Blizzard!

Hi! So glad to have you at Spilling the Beans, where we can learn a little bit about you, and your book.
Thanks for having me in, Cate! This is one of the most fun blogs to visit.

Grab a cappuccino and let’s chat. Unless you have another favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?
No, cappucino’s fine. I’m a caffeine freak. Must have my coffee. Early. And often.
Although, when LIGHTNING and THUNDER came out, someone turned me onto a Dark & Stormy recipe: black rum (another dark rum will do), ginger beer (not ale) and a twist of lime.

And, when FROST came out for Valentine’s Day, I shared recipes for “The Ice Goddess” and “The Fire Demon” and a reader gave me another: Chocolate Raspberry FROST Martini.

Oo, yum! Those sound soo tempting.
Fur or feathers, petwise?
Honestly? I am really not a pet person. I once lost a fish. Literally. It was a gorgeous, swishy, blue-finned beta named “Shark” that matched my living room rug. And one day it vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. No amount of pushing and pulling furniture, of dusting or vacuuming ever turned up its little skeleton. If it even had a skeleton. Not its ghost, either.

Aw, poor thing! Something tells me it disappeared into that rug, lol.
Any pet peeves? One thing that really burns your biscuits?
Everything annoys me.

Ha! What’s your guilty pleasure?
All of them.

Attagirl. :) Favorite quote?
“You have to throw yourself away when you write.” ~ the great Maxwell Perkins


“Just get it down on paper, and then we’ll see what to do with it.” ~ also Maxwell Perkins

Great advice. What’s your ideal day like?
Not having to go to work. Everything else is icing.

If you could live out any fantasy, what would you do?
I’d be queen of my own private tropical island. And have lots of coconuts and mangoes

Oh, can I come visit? I promise I'll bow. Or curtsy. Or weave lei's for your guests.
Beethoven, Beatles, Foo Fighters or Keith Urban (what type(s) of music makes you rock out)?

You call me, baby?  

Ah, my Jersey boy. :) Does music influence your writing? Do you have a music playlist for your book?
Not at all. Although, back in the days when I listened to country on the car radio (strictly news these days), I used to think every single country song I heard was a story waiting to happen. Well, they were all stories, really. Waiting to be fleshed out, maybe.

In BLIZZARD, the heroine, Mandy is driving along in her car when she’s trapped by the snow.  She was probably listening to Maroon 5, but we’ll never know for sure. When she hooks up with Jack, Barry White’s on the radio. Who else?

Which of your characters would you most/least want to hang out with, and why?
OMG! All of my heroes, of course. They are all HOT and sexy. The heroines would not be invited.

They certainly are tempting! lol While creating your books, what was one of the most surprising things you learned?
With BLIZZARD, the most surprising thing was that I could write a very short contemporary, without paranormal elements.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Mandy Malone ditches her pharmaceutical convention and the married male colleagues hitting on her to hurry home to her waiting family. But she doesn’t bank on the blizzard that forces her off the road, into a deserted rest stop, and the rugged arms of the snowstorm’s only other road refugee.

Jack Manning is totally unprepared for Mandy’s unvarnished proposition, but intrigued by the erotic offer promising a night of no-questions-asked sex.

But when Jack notices the wedding band on Mandy’s finger, will he forego the lure of a torrid clandestine affair, or give in to the fantasy of blazing hot sex on the sly?

“Is this what you’re looking for, lady?”
Mandy glanced up, startled by the deep, rumbling baritone that seemed loud in the fairly quiet building. Even more startled by the tall, gorgeous hunk of manhood bundled into a down parka and standing next to her table.
I could totally jump him. Right here. Right now. 
From nowhere, steamy erotic images of what she wanted to do with the man leaped unbidden into her head. Beneath her sweater, her breasts swelled, her nipples hardened with need. She’d never felt such instant attraction to anyone, such a frantic desire to get naked and get fucked. Maybe it was a reaction to her frightening experience on the Thruway. Or maybe something else created the overpowering chemistry.
Besides being the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on, he held out a battery-operated pocket charger. Nearly alone with him in the deserted rest stop…and still she felt…safe. A sigh escaped her as he stared down at her.
“It’s not the only thing I’m looking for.”  Her voice, husky and sultry, and laden with blatant sexual innuendo, shocked her. Where had those words come from?
“Yeah?” The man removed his parka, revealing a plaid flannel shirt, the triangle of a white, cold-weather T peeping from the open neckline. As he raised his arms, thick bands of muscle rippled across his chest, beneath the layers of fabric.  He stared down at her with brilliant azure eyes, bluer than a lake under the summer’s sun. His hair, which curled a bit boyishly at his temples, resembled a wet beach, light, dirty brown, with shimmering bronze threads straggling through the locks. But this was no boy. No indeed.
God. Gorgeous did not even begin to cover it. The longer he looked at her, the hotter she became. So hot she suddenly felt she could do anything, dare anything with this man.

Thanks for spilling the beans today, Taryn! And for giving us readers another great story!
Thanks for having me!


Taryn Kincaid said...

Thanks for having me in again, Cate. I love your interview questions!

Taryn Kincaid said...
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Cate Masters said...

Bruce and I are always happy to have you, Taryn. Ha ha!

Yolanda Renee said...

And to think I posted pictures of my last hike to get inspiration for surviving the last days of winter, when all I needed was a stranger in a snowstorm, or at least a book about one!
Love the premise. Hot, hot, hot!
Nice to meet you Taryn!
Thanks Cate, that really
hit. . .that was a great interview!:)

Jessica Subject said...

LOL Can you imagine being with all of your heroes? WOW New story for you, Taryn. *grins*

Taryn Kincaid said...

My heroes and my drives are very inspiring! LOL! Thanks for stopping by Yolanda!

Taryn Kincaid said...

ALL my heroes, Jess?!! ORGY!