Monday, April 8, 2013

April's going to be crazy busy!

Today, Becca Dale was gracious enough to host me on her blog for Meet the Author Monday. I hope you'll pop over and say hi!

I've been crazy busy behind the scenes getting ready for the April 24 launch of Decadent's Tease line. And the release of Cursed! Woot! I am super excited about this release for many reasons. It's the first of at least three books, set in a world of paranormal, fantasy and even a little bit of scifi mixed in. It's a very cool mashup of genres, unintended but as certain things came to light, they fit very naturally into the story line. Serendipity is so cool. :)

I'm trying to keep the schedule up to date on my Interviews and Guest Blogs page, but things are happening fast. And some are changing, as will happen.

As it stands now, the fun all begins on April 15 - cover reveal day! I cannot wait to finally show off my gorgeous cover. It's perfect for the story.

And I'm very excited for Decadent to launch this new venture. They have been such an amazing publishing team to work with - a team in the best sense. I was so fortunate to have an editor who was tough but fair and encouraging - and enthusiastic! The most wonderful part. It's so gratifying when your publisher and editor are as excited for your release as you are.

Once the ebook releases, they don't stop there. They host Facebook book club parties, post covers and reviews and just generally help talk up the title. Hands down, the best publisher I've worked with. So I'm going to do my best to help get the word out about Decadent Tease! Check out their web site at and blog: 

Writers, take note of the submission call. Decadent is a publisher that's going places! 


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