Saturday, April 6, 2013

Homecoming - short contemporary romance

Her abusive husband finally out of her life, Jennie Mayfair arrives in her hometown to rekindle old friendships and make a new start. Jennie wants someone safe but sexy to hold her again and make her feel loved, and a surprise invitation from Madame Eve seems to be exactly what she ordered. She never expects her wish list to be filled to such sublime perfection. But how can she trust the guy who shattered her heart years ago?

Nick Spencer’s business success doesn’t keep him warm in bed, and neither did his wife, though she knew how to keep other men warm – in his own bed. When he learns his first love, Jennie, is single again, he arranges for a blind date. One night with her convinces him he’s missed too many years of happiness. He doesn’t intend to let her get away from him again. But can he convince her their past will be a solid foundation for a new future?

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This story has so many positives. Nick is a great guy who carries his heartbreak on his sleeve. He seems determined to win Jennie’s heart, no matter what it takes. Jennie, meanwhile, is trying desperately to protect her heart, promising herself she was not going to allow herself to love again. To watch these two previous lovers rekindling their past was such fun. The heat between them was irresistible, and as they unleashed their passion, there was no doubt they would have a future.

Homecoming is a short and sweet romance with some yummy sex scenes thrown in for good measure. The characters were great, the setting was interesting and the plot was entertaining.
4 stars - You Gotta Read Reviews

The story is easy going; two ex lovers (but not consummated, as you will find out) find each other again. There is the fear of being hurt again, the fear of what the other will think and the fear of hoping again. Will they find the happiness and love that they are looking for? What I like is that they could talk to each other easy enough, even after 10 years apart. I liked that even if this was a short story it had a little action.
3 stars - Confessions of a Romaholic

Casting Call

“Unbelievable.” Had Madame Eve divined Jennie’s vision of Nick to conjure him for her? A better version of the boy she knew; wow, he looked incredible.
He slowly scrutinized her. “It’s been a long time.”
Had she changed so much? The way he stared made her self-conscious. “I thought you were married?”
“Divorced last year.” He dropped his gaze, but pierced her again with those intense dark eyes. “I thought you were married?”
“I left him last year. The divorce was final six months ago.” She sounded as if someone had punched her. So much for her brave front.
“So. Is this your first time using Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand?”
“Yes.” And the last. No more blind dates. “What about you?” She could only imagine the women dying to share his bed. Why would he need a matchmaking service?
He flashed a grin. “I thought I’d long ago run out of firsts, but yes.”
How sad. As a teenager, she’d dreamed about sharing all those firsts with him, every new experience a new bond between them.
She took it all in: the cheery fire in the stone hearth, the candles lining the mantle and atop the small round table set with a white linen tablecloth, the champagne chilling in the tall ice bucket, the immense leather sectional sofa with an ottoman large enough for two people to...
Imagining herself and Nick entangled atop it, a flash flood of heat singed her.
As if sensing her apprehension, he advanced slowly toward her. “I ordered dinner for us.”
“I’ve lost my appetite.” Something about this felt too much like a setup.
“Then let’s start with a drink. We have a lot to catch up on.”


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love the music in your video. It reminds me of a night in front of a fire with a glass of wine and some hot company.

Cate Masters said...

Good piano music always gets me. Thanks Susan!