Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cinderella Dreams, 1Night Stand short romance with time travel elements

Cinderella Dreams
Decadent Publishing
1NS Series
Futuristic and time travel elements

No one should live a life filled with regret. Once a successful wedding photographer, Genevieve Fuller’s life changed the day her ex-boyfriend wed someone else. Heartbroken for decades, she realizes too late who she truly loved and makes one desperate call to Madame Evangeline. She risks everything to right the wrongs of her past, which she hopes will heal her broken heart. Can Gen alter the course of her own future to include the Cinderella happy ending she should have had the first time?

"Wow! You know, I have read other 1Night Stand stories by Ms. Masters and yes, I liked them a lot. This one moved me very much and it wasn’t just all the songs from bands I grew up listening to either. Yes the title is Cinderella Dreams and there was a Cinderella aspect. But truly, the best part about this story is Genny getting a do-over. Who doesn’t want one of those? Matt and Genevieve have some smexy time, but she almost blows it all. I am leaving it up to you to read her tale since I don’t want to blow it for you, but this story is worth the read! Madame Eve and her 1Night Stand series almost always make me happy and this story left me just grinning like a loon."

Masters delivers a flawless read with CINDERELLA DREAMS. A most romantic 1NS novella about second chances ... well more like a do over. Best way I can sum this story up without giving spoilers is to call it The Notebook meets Back To The Future. An unforgettable 1NS love story. Don't miss it!
Bestselling author JoAnne Kenrick - 5 Stars

It is sheer perfection from the cover to the writing. Yes, its a 1NS from Decadent but this story is much more than a one night stand. Its about realizing that you have wasted your whole life thinking that you were in love with one man that left you heartbroken. To the second chance with the man that truly held your heart all those years ago. Its definitely one of my top books in 2013.
Harlie from Harlie's Books - 5 stars 

Now this is my kind of short story, or any story to be fair. It had me hooked from the first word and I guess that is because of the way it is written. It brings forth a bit of mystery without confusing the reader altogether. It gives you a chance to ponder what is going on as you read further, trying to see if you can guess where this is going to lead. I didn’t expect the short story to be so hot and steamy and be written with such elegance. The writing was well thought out and brought forward all the major things needed for it to be a good read.
Nina - BTSe Magazine - 4.5 stars

Told in first person, Cinderella Dreams is a short and sweet, highly romantic tale of second chances. The characters are likable, the setting is interesting, and the ending is a happy ever after…finally.
You Gotta Read Reviews - 4 stars (You Need to Read)


A deep voice behind Ray said, “Hey, Gen.”

Matt. The next wave of emotion sent me reeling. I might have drowned in that wave, but the sight of him riveted me. The best man, taller than the groom by two inches. Slimmer by a few inches, too. His hazel eyes sparkled, and angels might have sung as he aimed his dazzling smile at me. I had to remind myself to breathe.

“Hey, you’re back.” Oh, witty greeting. Way to state the obvious. Better than gushing how wonderful it was to see him, how much I’d missed him and feared he’d never return. Now there he stood, hotter than Bon Jovi, and me his rabid fan.

Something nagged at me; I’d meant to tell him…what? All I could do was stand and stare more pathetic than a teenage girl high on her first hormone rush. What the hell had come over me today?

Matt locked his gaze on me. “Good to see you.” A throw-away phrase people tossed out to make conversation, but he said it with such feeling, the emotions reverberated through me. My hand went to my stomach, now performing Olympian gymnastics to rival Mary Lou Retton’s floor routine.

“You, too. So good.” Wow, I couldn’t believe I said it out loud, but I meant it. Matt had moved away a year earlier. When Ray broke up with me, it had been a double tragedy. Matt and I were buds, though we indulged in occasional flirtations. Harmless, mostly. Except for the night we split a six pack waiting for Ray to show up, and we shared something better—a kiss. One incredible, mind-blowing kiss, the kind that starts off slow and builds to the intensity of a hurricane. It turned my world upside down, but I begged him not to say a word to Ray. Then Matt was gone, and soon after, Ray dropped the breakup bomb on me.

Ray grabbed his sleeve. “We need to get in place. It’s almost time.”

“Calm down,” Matt told him, shooting me a glance as they stepped up on the altar. A worried look that said he wanted to be sure I was okay.

It sent a tingle through my nerves, but the blare of the organ playing the “Wedding March” erased it. Time to get to work, but I couldn’t shake the euphoria since Matt arrived.

Taking a deep breath, I pointed my camera at the six guys lined up, waiting for their pretty maids all in a row. Except Matt, who still watched me with a gaze so focused, it seemed to reach right through the telephoto lens. Without thinking, I clicked the shutter, a picture I’d keep for myself. Not that I’d need it. Already, his image had seared into my memory.