Thursday, August 1, 2013

A peek at the goodies I'll be giving away Saturday!

Even though my Death isn't a scary skeleton in a hood carrying a scythe, they have such cute stuff with skeletons, I couldn't resist.

One party attendee each who correctly answers trivia about Death and her cohorts will receive these super cute items:

Change purse (sorry to make you tilt your head lol)

Socks - girls' size up to 10, so would fit a small woman's foot :)


Book swag - 1 oversized magnet and bookmarks

And 1 ebook of Death Is A Bitch! This giveaway is international. Those shown above are U.S. only, sorry.

Even if you don't want them for yourself (or already have a copy of Death Is A Bitch, in which case thank you very much!), it's never too early to stock up for Christmas. :)

Sign up for Saturday's event here:
and invite your friends to do the same! Don't miss out on a chance to party with Death.

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