Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to school

It's not just the kids who are headed back to school this year. In September, I am too. I signed up for Margie Lawson's Story Structure Safari workshop, and I can't wait to hit the books.

Actually I've been doing some advance study. On the advice of a very good author, I bought Dara Marks' Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc. Though aimed at screenwriters, its concepts are great for novelists too. I've never read a better explanation of how theme is tied to plot. Using detailed analyses of several movies, she breaks each down step by step. If you don't send for the book, you should at least explore Ms. Marks' web site.

Her Engaging the Feminine Heroic workshop looked amazing to me when I first read about it, but this year's was only in California. Not doable. While writing this post, I noticed she had a 2014 workshop in Maryland, only a few hours from me. So I signed up! I am so excited! It's an intense, four-day writing workshop. I can't even tell you how much I can't wait to go.

If you're wondering, 'but she's published, why not just write more stories'?

Many reasons.

First, I'm never satisfied. I love the stories I write, and I pour my heart and soul into them. I don't want to follow any formula, but there is always more to learn.

I want to grow and improve. I need this kind of a boost.

I haven't been to a conference in a few years. I love them. I love hanging out with other writers, talking about stories. No one understands a writer like another writer. I was thinking of going to another conference next year, but when I saw Dara Marks', it trumped everything else. It will be intense. Hopefully it will help me break through to the next level.

That's always the goal - onward and upward. :)

I'm more excited than a kid at Christmas! Probably because this will likely encompass my Christmas, birthday and anniversary, but it will be worth it.