Saturday, September 28, 2013

Casting Call: Sweet Revenge

Casting Calls are so much fun. I love showing you who played in the in-my-head movie versions of stories while I wrote.

This one's short but sweet. Only two characters - the heroine and the hero.

First, Zoe Golden. The 'Golden Girl' in high school, always in with the popular cliques, a little too much of a party girl. Back then, she began to have glimpses that her life was too shallow, glimpses afforded her by one guy. Not one of the popular kids, and a bit overweight, but he teased her like he saw right through her. To the real Zoe.

Zoe herself wouldn't find her true self until life dealt her some harsh lessons. But she could never forget the boy who first magnetized her moral compass.

Natalie Goldman's beautiful, talented, intelligent and certainly able to portray a multilayered character like Zoe.

Ty Hardin built a successful chain of fitness centers fed by one burning desire: revenge. Years ago, he'd fallen for a cheerleader, a girl who had much potential but squandered it. Despite being overweight, he took a chance - and she betrayed him.

After that night, he no longer made excuses for himself. He made fitness a priority, and now in his gyms, he tolerates no negativity among clients. So when Zoe applies for an opening as a yoga instructor, he sees his chance to finally get payback.

Madame Eve sets them up on a 1Night Stand date, and the games begin. :)

Chris Hemsworth is Ty. (They made a cute couple in Thor, and seemed a natural fit here.)

That's it, the Casting Call for Sweet Revenge.

Check out more about Sweet Revenge here.


DMS said...

So fun to see the "cast". :) Always interesting to see who authors would pick to play the main characters. Great choices!

Cate Masters said...

It's fun to show you too! :)