Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Class is dismissed and more congrats!

September is over, which means so is my class, Margie Lawson's Story Structure Safari.

Story structure can be daunting to map out. Maybe because I'm more of a visual learner, maybe because it's a little too much like math (and I have a math phobia) or maybe geometry?

But the Story Structure Safari class was very helpful, and included a few worksheets for mapping out story and character, so I'll use those for new stories.

If you Google "story structure worksheets" you can find plenty available online. Jami Gold has some good ones. Larry Brooks always has excellent pointers, and Jeremy Brown offers printable worksheets based on Brooks' advice. Blake Snyder offers tools for his Save the Cat system.

I had bought Larry Brooks' Story Engineering awhile back, and am about one third through that. Plus, I recently picked up Les Edgerton's Hooked, which focuses on grabbing readers and not letting them go.

As always, learning never stops. There's always room for improvement, so it's a lifelong journey.

It's tough to squeeze it in between life and writing and all the rest. But as Amelia Earhart says, "The more one does, the more one can do."

That's such a fantastic picture of her, isn't it? Supposedly a self-portrait. I see such determination in her eyes. And a bit of a challenge. She never let the impossible stand in her way.

We shouldn't, either.

Congrats to two more winners!

For the Sunset on Summer Fun blog hop, Nay Nay won my giveaway of the ebook of Cinderella Dreams

For Banned Books Week, the print copy of Kite Runner is on its merry way to Bronwyn Haynes

Happy reading! And thanks for visiting my blog.


Maria Zannini said...

I hadn't heard of STORY ENGINEERING. But I have read HOOKED.

I loved that book. It was so spot-on. I've given many of my writing books away, but this one is staying on my shelf.

Cate Masters said...

I've given a ton away, too, Maria! Some are keepers though (and some I haven't read yet). Story Engineering is condensed from Brooks' site for writers,

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I've been meaning to get HOOKED. I have a handful of writing books I dive into now and then. I know I have tons of ways I can improve my craft.

Cate Masters said...

In today's high pressure market, anything that helps give you an edge is worth a read. :)