Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blue Moons everywhere

On Wednesday, I crossed the 50,000 word mark for NaNoWriMo! All that's left now is to collect the badge. And to polish up the rough draft of Twice In A Blue Moon. I'm still working on the second, shorter story but had to stop for revisions on Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake. Then a second editor sent first-round edits for A Wedding at the Blue Moon Cafe.

Did I mention November was a tad busy? In the best possible way.

I can't wait to knock off the edits and get back to my third story, though. I am loving this Blue Moon series and can't wait till they release!

Betting It All's great reviews!
Two reviewers recently made my historical novella, Betting It All, a recommended read! I'm so thrilled.

I'd been so busy writing and with edits that I hadn't been checking my email, so didn't realize that All Romance Ebooks had featured Betting It All as a recommended read in its newsletter. Its review said:

"Sweet, romantic and exciting, I read this book in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. I loved Norah's determination to go it alone, but when she gives in to the strength and safety she could have in Gerard's arms, the love they share is even more captivating."

"I don’t want to give too much in the way that I liked how Ms. Masters plotted her story but I will say that it flowed and I got caught up in everything that Mac and Norah were doing to build something great and also watching them go from friends/boss/employee to lovers.  The tent camp scenes were heartbreaking knowing that the camps were real.  Those scenes added an authencity to the story and made it much more layered.
The end scenes were some of the best in the book.  Secrets from Norah’s past are revealed and they are sweet to say the least.  I will have to say that while I loved the book, I want more of Mac’s and Norah’s story.  I know that authors don’t like to hear that too much, but I would.  Did they make it in the aftermath?  Did true love prevail?  In mind they did but I completely fell in love with this book and its characters.  And you will too."

I'm so grateful to these reviewers! And it seems appropriate that Betting It All kicks off its blog tour on Thanksgiving Day.

How's your writing going? Are you ready for Turkey Day?

I'm out of town today for a family event, but will check in when I get back. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on the great reviews and for beating NaNo early!

DMS said...

Awesome reviews! What a pleasant surprise for you to find them when you had no idea they were coming. :) I love when that happens.

I hope you have fun out of town and a great Thanksgiving too!

Fabulous job with NaNo! Go Cate! :)

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Alex! Still a lot of work to do but it's great to cross that finish line. :)

Thanks Jess! It was a lovely surprise. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!