Tuesday, December 17, 2013

News and deals!

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake! I should have a buy link in a day or two, a little ahead of the Dec. 20 release date. It appears on Decadent's site under "coming soon" - yay!

In the meantime, I'll share some other writers' news.

If you love epic fantasy, don't miss out on Susan Gourley's sale on the first two books of The Futhark Chronicles - The Keepers of Sulbreth and Beyond the Gate, both only 99 cents for a limited time! Find out more about Susan at her blog, Susan Says.

Congrats to fellow Decadent author, D.L. Jackson, on the release of Being Prince Charming, a military romance released as part of the 1Night Stand Series. Another one to go on my TBR list!

And if you like military romance, grab Cinderella Wore Combat Boots from Amazon - for free! Hurry, it won't be free long. :) Find out more about D.L. Jackson at her web site.

If you love rhymes and riddles, hurry and download your free copy of Fairday's Riddles, Volume 1, from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/255010.

Make time to riddle and rhyme! 62 original riddles and illustrations 
Fairday's Riddles: Volume I 

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DMS said...

So excited that your book will be coming soon! Thanks for sharing these other titles and authors with us. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Just a couple more days, Cate!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks guys! :)