Friday, March 14, 2014

Ask away

I've been quiet this week, sorry. I've had to reset my goals because I fell so far behind after being ill, but am aiming to finish a draft of a short-ish story (~20k) next week. Of course, I've had that goal for about a month now. But I'm going to do it, dammit! If not next week, the week after.

According to WXPN, my favorite radio station, today is International Ask A Question Day. So in the spirit of transparency, you can ask me anything today. If it's overly technical - say, physics (one can learn only so much from watching The Big Bang Theory) - I may fudge the answer, but will give it my best shot.

So go ahead. Ask away! And then strut along with Annie.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?
Sorry, little Monty Python humor for you!
What are you working on now?

Cate Masters said...

My name is Inigo Montoya. Oh wait, wrong fantasy. :)

At the moment, finishing up pre-edits for Goddess, Awakened. Oy, the filler words!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Here's one I wonder about you. How many novels do you have published?

Cate Masters said...

Yikes, I don't keep a running count so had to total it up. This won't be entirely accurate either, as I've unpublished a few lately, but here it is:
13 contemporary
15 fantasy/paranormal
5 historical

Not all are novels - many are short stories or novellas. :)

Under my mainstream pen name, I also have two full-length novels and a collection of poetry/short stories, plus various short stories published with web zines or as freebies.

Thanks for asking! :)

DMS said...

How fun- not only the post, but the comments. Loved the Princess Bride reference. :)

What is your favorite movie?
Does your husband write, too?
Does your husband read your books?

Have a great night!

Ava Quinn said...

Dang! Alex beat me to the questions. What is the velocity of an unladen swallow?

Glad you're feeling better. Good luck on your goal!

Now for a serious question. What is your favorite genre to write?

Cate Masters said...

Oh, I guess I did lie, Jess. I really don't have favorites! (Too small of an attention span. Ooh, shiny over there! New favorite!)
Hubby neither reads nor writes unless forced, lol. He is excellent at picking me up when I fall in an inconsolable heap, though.
Thanks for asking. :)

Hm, Ava, can't answer that either - UNLESS you can tell me whether it's an African or European swallow. Ha ha!
And again, no favorite regarding genres - whatever fits the current WIP is my favorite. If pressed, paranormal/fantasy might edge out the others. :)
Thanks for asking!

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