Thursday, May 15, 2014

Behind the scenes

Lots going on. In between finishing up galley proofs for Goddess, Awakened (whoop whoop!), and in between the usual life interruptions, I'm trying to get more writing in on another Goddess novel. Then I realized that, although I'd done quite a bit of research, I needed to do more. Even though most of it will show up as an aside or odd detail and readers won't ever see most of it, I have to do it for my character. So he can walk through the streets of the city he lived in and I can walk along with him.

It's been slow getting back to this story, but it's coming together. Not only in writing - I now have about 31,500 words, not much more than I had before - but in the overall sense. I've been fleshing out characters and building framework around them so they have a place to go. And a good reason to go there. All part of the story, as Neil reminds us.

Two covers!

I'm dying to show you! I have the covers for Twice In A Blue Moon, my contemporary, and for Goddess, Awakened, the first in The Goddess Connection series.

But I have to wait. Once RT is over, I can coordinate with my Kensington contact and set things in motion.

To gear up for the July 7 release of Goddess, Awakened, I'm putting together a gift basket of lavender goodies. So far, I have lavender mother-of-pearl earrings and a gift collection of lavender soaps, both from artists on Etsy. I love shopping there and supporting artists in their crafts.

I may or may not be around much most of next week too. I have much to do behind the scenes yet....


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love lavender. Good luck with all your project.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Susan! It's finally starting to come together. I'm not so panicked about it now, lol.