Thursday, May 22, 2014

Off to Nirvana

I'm outta here! Since last summer, I've waited for this day to arrive. I'm finally headed to writer's nirvana  - a four-day workshop run by Dara Marks and Deb Norton.

I'd hoped to have more written for my next Goddess Connection novel to take along and bounce off other writers. But at least I'll be able to gather ideas and talk shop.

The attention spans of the family grow short in a hurry when I go on (and on) about stories. And writing in general.

It's going to be so great to talk to others who understand the importance of people who don't truly exist except in our imaginations. Other writers get it, this obsession we have. They don't question our enthusiasm and passion, and they understand the process. They feel other writers' pain. And joy!

I'll return Sunday night but it'll take me longer to catch up with real life. It's going to be tough, after living in Nirvana for four days.

Have you hit any conferences this year? Workshops, in real time or virtual? Any on your Bucket List?


LD Masterson said...

Have a fantastic time.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Have a great time and write a lot!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sounds wonderful. Have fun. I went to Pennwriters last weekend and really enjoyed the networking.

DMS said...

I love conferences- but have never gone to a multi-day conference. I hope the conference is amazing and all that you want it to be. It sounds like it will be fun! Can't wait to hear about it. :)


Cate Masters said...

Thanks Linda and Alex! It was well worth it.

I wish I could have gone to Pennwriters too. Maybe next year!

Oh, you need to go, Jess. There's nothing like it.