Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ommm. Listen to the wisdom of the writing gods

Funny that this article should pop up in my email on the very day I needed to read it. On the day I grew alarmed at seeing a similar book to my upcoming release? What are the chances?

Probably fairly good, actually. There are, after all, only seven basic plots in all the universe, with infinite variations.

So it only stands to reason that there should be another book like mine. In fact, statistical probability suggests there should be more than one. I won't push it. Or look for trouble.

The article's an interesting read. Toward the end, it suggests ways for insecure writers (who, me? Nahhh) to personalize their work.

Long before reading this, I actually did include quite a few personal items in Goddess, Awakened. Most of the animals are either former pets or animals we've known. We had a horse for seven years named Triple Power, and he has a cameo role. The border collie/lab named Taz plays a major role and represents our dog Benji, who we loved very much and were heartbroken when we lost him suddenly. But now he lives on in this story, and can once again roam the same barn and fields as Triple Power.

I do believe that sometimes the universe throws ideas into the wind to see who catches them. And maybe more than one person does, in fact, catch them. But what the writer does with the idea makes it unique.

Listen to Neil...

I love the universe and all its quirkiness, don't you?

And though I love my dog Lily, I still miss Benji sometimes. Here's a visual if you read Goddess, Awakened. He was every bit as intuitive and even a little magical.


Stephanie Faris said...

There may be similar books, but you'll handle yours completely differently, I'm go for it!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Stephanie! I've already flung it into the universe. :) I'm hoping readers will catch it and love it too!

DMS said...

Neil is so wise. :) It is hard for us knowing there are other books with similarities to ours- but he is right- we put our own touches on our stories and that makes them unique. :)

Glad you found this article at the right time! So important. :)

Cate Masters said...

Neil is an old soul, isn't he? Love him too.