Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eva Lefoy puts some bite in your Halloween!

When the bite’s the cure
by Eva Lefoy

These days, vampires are popular. Once they hid in creepy haunted castles and terrorized the neighborhood peasants, preying upon hapless passersby and sleeping in velvet lined coffins. Then, they were relegated to Halloween costumes, complete with fake blood and glowing plastic fangs. These days, the vampires are truly more out in the light. If you’re a fan of the Twilight series, you know those ultra-modern vampires sparkle in the sun, they don’t shrivel and burn like in the old horror movies. All these changes must give vampires an identity complex. One second they’re evil monsters and the next they’ve got a glitter overload! But one thing about vampires that everybody agrees on – they bite.

Vampires bite to drink the blood of their victims, not just for biting’s sake. But in some Urban Fantasy works, bites of say a werewolf or a vampire or a demon might turn you into one of them, through some sort of viral infection.  After all, their immune system and their bodies are totally different from normal humans so who’s to say what kinds of damage their bite can cause?  Or what about the opposite? What good could a vampire’s bite do you?

Well, if you’re willing to suspend belief for a while, how about a bite that heals? After all, they’re often depicted as having super-human powers. Agile, speedy, and dangerous, their senses and their reactions are quick and deadly. Usually, they also heal at a rapid speed – usually after a nice rich dose of blood! What if healings is a nice little perk of a vampire’s bite? Would you take the risk?

In Darkest Flowers, botanist Henri Muller is scarred in a forest wildfire. When he arrives at the vampire’s door, he has no idea the gorgeous naked man can heal him with his bite. After the first one, he has a mind to risk another even though he’s fearful it will lead to his death. Will he accept the vampire as his lover or run away, back to his empty life?

Ah heck, what’s a little nibble between the boys?

Darkest Flowers is a M/M romance from MLR Press.

Thanks to Cate for having me here during the Halloween month. Cate, I hope you get all the goodies you desire this Halloween and if you’ve been very bad…. Well… you know!



Botanist Henri Muller will do almost anything for a flowereven brave a forest fire. Scarred and heartbroken, he journeys to a greenhouse run by a reclusive proprietor with a mysterious green thumb and a potent sexuality. Henri’s startled by their passionate encounter, but when he discovers the vampire’s bite soothes his tormented body and soul he longs to stay though the cure is deadly.

Ambrose is a shy monster with a lonely heart. Will Henri choose to become his mate or will he let Ambrose wilt and die like a neglected flower? With each passing day, Ambrose grows weaker...

Siskiyou National Forest
Southern Oregon
Saturday night, August 30th

Henri clicked the laptop closed and checked his watch. The sun had already slid to the western horizon. Damn it, I’ve stayed too late. I should have paid closer attention. He rejected the idea that secretly, he’d wanted to stay, because if he had, that meant… No. I didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t have a death wish.
The greenhouse door opened. Ambrose appeared, wearing nothing at all, and began to water his plants. He seemed to hover over one in particular, using his soft low voice to talk to it like a lover. What is he saying?
Henri watched the graceful movements, struck anew by Ambrose’s suppleness. How old was he? How long had he lived here, alone? More questions tumbled through his mind as Ambrose spied him and sent him a shy smile. He set the watering can down.
“You’re still here. I’m glad.”
“I’m finished with my work. At least as much as I can get done for now. I’ll complete the paper back at the college.” Henri stood and stretched. After sitting for hours in the same position, his legs ached. But oddly, the right one didn’t hurt any worse than the left. Ambrose’s bite had almost completely cured his pain. And earlier, when he’d looked in the rearview mirror, he’d seen his real face for the first time in forever. No ugly scarring. No need for the netting. He was whole. The idea he could have his old body back tugged at him. Ask him. Ask him if he can cure me for good.


Author Bio and Contact

Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

Thanks so much for joining the party, Eva! Hope your Halloween is spooktacular!



Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting me an happy partial solar eclipse day!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks for joining the party, Eva :)

Anne said...

Too funny, your character has the same name as my dad. Well, he's Henry Muller, but I used to call him Henri when I was in high school studying French.

I've read a couple of vampire books where their blood could heal wounds.

Anne said...

BTW, as a trekkie, have you ever checked out George Takei's twitter account? The stuff he and his followers post is too funny.

dolorah said...

I like the idea of a vampire's blood that can heal. A drop or two to heal a terrible illness (or scaring) and then some more to reverse some aging, and then finally, immortality; if you can handle blood sucking forever.

I'm a fan of dark and mysterious vamps as depicted by Anne Rice :) I'd probably like this book.

Unknown said...

Yes I love George he's great! thanks for stopping by. I think vampires can have all sorts of powers. Maybe telepathy?

I always wanted to do a Star Trek story with vampires.....

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