Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rock My World, contemporary novella

Rock My World
Contemporary romance
Sensual heat level
22,000 words
ISBN: 9781310826160

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Barnes and Noble (soon)

At 37, Cynthia Winterspoon is a self-made millionaire, more popular than Martha Stewart. Women love her decorating and recipe ideas for every season, geared toward shabby chic, affordable for the middle class. Cynthia lives by her motto: Make your life enjoyable. Except that her husband just left her for a woman barely out of high school, and is suing her for everything she has. The scandal’s rocked her world, but nothing compared to the shakeup after she meets rock star Rex Reynolds.

Rex Reynolds, rock god and general mess, has everything he could possibly need—except love. The real kind, that inspires the greatest love songs. An appearance on a late night talk show seems just another gig until he meets Cyn, the sweetest, kindest woman whose thoughtfulness touches his soul. When a motorcycle accident robs him of his memory, one image blazes bright in his mind: Cyn. He’s convinced she’s his fiancee. Now all that stands between him and true happiness is her hesitancy.

Can his amnesia help them both remember what’s most important?

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If only he’d take off those damn sunglasses, she’d have a better idea of what he was thinking. Maybe.
“They were right.” He jutted out his chin.
“Who?” Had he heard something? Known all along about her husband? Maybe he was the real tabloid spy. She released an inward groan.
“Whoever said you were a good listener. I’ve never bared my thoughts to anyone else.”
She practically melted with relief. “You are, too. I feel better having let it all out.” To a complete stranger. Not her smartest move.
“So do I. I actually feel as if a weight’s been lifted from me.” He tore off the Ray Bans and leaned toward her. “Don’t let any man treat you less than a princess.”
She ducked her head. Not even as a girl had she dreamed of being royalty. Frilly dresses? Too hard to climb trees wearing them. Nor were palaces her style, debutante balls or any of the other nonsense. None of it seemed much fun.
“I’m not very good with pedestals. Unless I’m giving it a makeover.” But she could imagine him a prince, easily. Light blue flecked his dark blue eyes, the effect mesmerizing. “You have lovely eyes.”
A slow smile crept over his face. “Too much mascara and liner, I’m told.”
“A little.” Way more than her. “But I imagine you need the look to maintain your image. And you wear it well.”
Brows furrowed, he leaned even closer. “Who are you?”
Warmth flushed her face. “Should have introduced myself earlier, sorry.” After recovering from the near-faint, perhaps? Or should she have waited until after insulting him? “Cynthia Winterspoon.” She extended her hand.
“A princess name if I ever heard one.” He bent his head to touch his lips to her fingers, cradled gently in his hand.
Excitement tiptoed across her skin. She forgot to argue against the royal title.
“Well, Cyn.” He made it sound so sexy and slightly devilish. “You have lovely eyes, too.” His gaze swept down to her lips, her cleavage. “Lovely… everything. But your eyes, they’re captivating. The term ‘doelike’ comes to mind. I haven’t seen any woman pull off such an innocent-sexy combo since Marilyn Monroe. I bet you’re a real man eater, aren’t you?”
No, but she’d be willing to learn. She almost forgot to breathe. And something even more important. “What’s your name?”
Surprise flickered across his face. “Rex Reynolds.”
“And you’re in a band? What do you do, play guitar?” Up close, he lost some of the bad boy mystique. His scruffy look had been carefully cultivated—too much hair product gave the stringy effect. His clothes were rumpled, but clean. The scent of coconut and lime teased her senses. The stubble on his chin couldn’t be more than a day old.
“Not a fan, eh?” He shot a dubious glance at her boots. “Let me guess. Country music?”
She tilted her chin. “Classical.”
“Wagner, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven? That sort?” He knit his brow. “Nothing contemporary?”
She repressed the urge to apologize. “My parents forbade it.”
Another full body scan, ripe with appreciation, left her feeling more naked than she could remember.
He took her hands in his. “You’re all grown up now, Cyn. Take a walk on the wild side.” Spoken like a flirty tease, and a challenge that invited her somewhere soft and warm, where her wildest, most decadent dreams could come true.
Her heart did a fluttery flip. When?

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