Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The summer of yes

I was out and about, and a window ad with this little saying hit me. What a great idea! I can't remember the store (so please don't sue me), but the ad inspired me. I'm going to make this a summer of yes.

I can't work on my stories as much as I'd like, but I *will* work on them.

I'm actually not falling too far behind. Next month, the rights to Death Is A Bitch will return to me, and I've been gearing up for that. I've made this new cover, which I'm pretty happy with.

And I've taken the story from 33k to 48k - 15,000 words of greater detail and depth and "feels." I'm really excited about it! I can't wait to re-release it, though I'll have to wait a few months.

In the meantime, I've started work on my first steampunk. I hesitated before because I hadn't read any stories, only seen amazing movies like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Wild, Wild West or Sherlock Holmes or Around the World in 80 Days (if you've never seen it, it's a very fun movie, and Jackie Chan is always amazing to watch. YouTube has the entire movie online:

But I've been reading up on steampunk, and have a better sense of the worldbuilding that's needed. The actual story's about 2k as of yesterday, but the background work is pretty well fleshed out, and that's every bit as important.

So, I'm making the most of the time with my grandboys, and making the most of whatever writing time I can squeeze in.

How's your summer so far?