Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Busy, busy, busy!

I'm really excited about some events coming up this fall. First is York Book Expo on Oct. 17 in York, Pa. Sounds like a fairly large event, and should be lots of fun.

I'm also working out deets for an event in Harrisburg at Books A Million with two other authors. Nothing's finalized yet, but I'll let you know. :)

To get ready for York Book Expo, I set up a print version of Goddess, Spellbound in Create Space. The proof is supposed to arrive by next Friday. I can't wait to hold it in my hot little hands! And make sure it's as perfect as can be, of course.

Next up for Create Space is Goddess, Inflamed. Then I'll have all three Goddess Connection books in print! Woot!

I was going to set up Death Is A Bitch, too, as it's now almost 50k after the rewrite. But I noticed a publisher who considers previously published stories, and took a chance on subbing it. Fingers crossed!

I also subbed two other novellas, so now have three submissions out, and the waiting begins. Both guidelines say 12-16 weeks, so it will be awhile.

Which is fine, because I went back to another story I'd started. Actually, I'd written 50k but still had a long way to go. I'm finding it a bit difficult to get back into the main character's head. She has a unique voice, which is typical for a feisty warrior heroine. I'm really excited about this story and want to stick with it to the end without pausing again. Stay in the flow and write!

So how's your summer going? Are you busy or spending some lazy days in the sun?