Friday, August 7, 2015

So, this happened...

Thanks to Demi Stevens, organizer of the York Book Expo, for this series of interviews and readings! I'm really looking forward to the event, which is set for Oct. 17.

So, if you're extremely bored sometime and want to give a listen, here you go. :)

Author Interview

Behind the Author

Reading of Cursed/A Dangerous Affair in Venice

I hated my voice before, but *really* hate it in these interviews, lol. The summer pollen has made me more nasal-sounding than ever. So I apologize in advance!


DMS said...

These are awesome! I think your voice sounds just great- I think we are all more judgmental of our own voices. :) You seem so calm and natural!

Cate Masters said...

Aw thanks, Jess. Demi Stevens had a very calming influence during the interview :)

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