Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kathleen Ann Gallagher brings some Night Magic!

Cate: Please welcome Kathleen Ann Gallagher to my special Halloween celebration. Kathleen, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Kathleen: I’m thrilled to be part of Cate’s Halloween Bash again this year. I write contemporary and paranormal romance. I live in New Jersey with my wonderful husband and our furry kids, Luc and Chaz.

Cate: They're adorable. I love when you share their pics. What do you love most about Halloween?
Kathleen: Besides the chocolate candy, I enjoy dressing up for the kids. It’s such a magical time of year, and coming up with a fun costume and greeting the callers as they trot up your walkway makes me smile. You’re never too old to have fun on Halloween. 

Cate: I agree! Do you have a favorite memory of a Halloween past?
Kathleen: One of my most memorable Halloween’s was when I attended a costume party. At the time, I was eight months pregnant with my youngest son Jake. I couldn’t find a costume that fit, so I put on a pair of pink thermal pajamas, a pair of bunny ears, I painted my cheeks rosy, added whiskers, and I was a pregnant bunny. The best time ever!

Cate: Cute! Ever gone on a ghost tour? Or ghost hunting on your own?
Kathleen: I never went on an actual ghost tour, but I did have an eerie experience with a few night visitors.  When I was about ten years old, I woke up to find a woman and two men floating out of an old antique armoire in my bedroom. They were dressed in old fashioned clothing.  I had a sense they weren’t there to harm me, but I screamed anyway, and they disappeared. In fact, I recall how a sense of peace came over me. The next day my parents put the armoire out on the curb. Maybe they knew something that I didn’t. I never forgot the visit from the three friendly ghosts.

Cate: I don't blame you for screaming! Yikes. So now for the real goodies - tell us about your latest release, and where readers can find it online.
Kathleen: I’ve been working on a contemporary romance, entitled Love’s Encore. I don’t have a release date yet.

Cate: Care to share a blurb or excerpt?
Kathleen: I’d love to. Here’s the blurb.

Love's Encore is a tale about finding love amidst life's changing tides. Sadie Layne, a vibrant thirty year old cancer survivor is on a celebratory trip to LA with her best friends. She is determined to enjoy life after getting a second chance. Sadie thought she tucked away her regrets over her decision to give up a career in the theater, to teach drama long ago. Or has she?

Sadie she runs into Vince De Carlo, an old friend and an actor she worked with in a theater group in the lobby at the hotel. Their meeting disrupts her plans and reminds her of the life she’d left behind. She had a secret crush on him back then, but at the time she put her career goals at the top of her list, instead of dating. To her surprise, the handsome and sexy actor sparks her desires once again. 

Vince is in LA to promote a television pilot and his old attraction to Sadie is stronger than ever. He never forgot her, even though a trusted friendship and a scripted kiss was all they'd shared.

The reunited pair give in to temptation, but reality collides with lust, and both have strong doubts about the blossoming romance. Sadie dreads facing her defeat as an actress, and Vince fears that a struggling actor like himself, won’t be able to give an accomplished member of the high school education department what she deserves.
Will this small town couple find a way to keep the burning fire alive and build a future where dreams do come true? Or will self-doubt take the lead role and smother the flames? 

Kathleen: More news!

I also have two upcoming re-releases. The Moonlight and Jasmine Series is coming soon to Beau Coup Publishing. I don’t have the new covers yet, but I’ll share the blurbs.

Book 1, Night Magic
The beautiful but lonely owner of a bath and body shop, Krista Winters is in need of legal counsel. Her past is about to catch up with her.  She was forced to flee from her life as a teacher in New Jersey after being shunned for being a witch.
Life is not the same for Jon Bartolo. He’s a dedicated lawyer, living in the town of Conway, New Hampshire. His days are spent helping his clients with their struggles and his nights are spent in agony, lost in a world between life and death.
His mother, who died three years ago, lurks in his house, suffering from a curse for eternity, without a final resting place.
A smoldering fire between Jon and Krista ignites almost immediately, however, he’s sure his secret would frighten a woman away. An afternoon escape brings them closer, but doubts linger between the love-struck couple.
How will Jon’s mother find eternal rest so he can move on with his life? Or is he bound to a life of hell on earth?
Will Krista fit into his world when he learns about her past? How is it possible for them to open their hearts to love? Could a touch of Night Magic be just what this couple needs?

Book 2, A Summer’s Enchantment
Cassandra Wales, an independent and determined registered nurse finds her plans for the future shattered when her boyfriend dumps her. Her witchcraft made him squirm and she wasn’t changing for him. The move into her new home keeps her distracted, but she’ll be sure to keep an eye out for red flags next time. An elderly woman shows up at her doorstep and makes an odd request. To her surprise, the woman’s hot and sexy grandson. Jake is waiting outside of her house. Bad timing for sure. Will she be able to trust a man who has women begging for his attention?
Jake Hill is an ambitious, up and coming lead singer in a rock band. When his grandmother asks him to drive her over to her first home, he doesn’t question her motives. Instead, he meets the woman of his dreams, but will she stick around while he climbs the ladder in the exciting world of rock and roll.
How will Jake find the time to nurture a relationship when his music takes top billing? Can the passion between them be enough to lead the way, or will fear of failure take control of their destiny?
Keep an eye out for my announcements on the release dates for Love’s Encore and The Moonlight & Jasmine Series.

I hope you enjoyed my interview. Thank you to the marvelous and talented Cate Masters for inviting me to join in on the fun. Happy Halloween!

Here’s where you can find me. I love to hear from my readers.

Cate: Thanks for bringing some holiday magic to the party, Kathleen! Happy Halloween


Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

I had so much fun with my interview. Thank you, Cate! Love your Halloween Bash!

Christine Warner said...

Loved the interview and I love it too when you post pics of your furry cute friends xoxox

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my interview. Thank you, Christine. I adore my two little furry boys. I wake up everyday to my little guys kisses.

Cate Masters said...

Glad to have you back, Kathleen! I'm always amazed at how many authors have spooky stories of their own to tell!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Thank you, Cate! I always enjoy your parties. Love the interviews and the scary tales.

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