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The Magic of Lavender, contemporary dark paranormal romance

The Magic of Lavender
Book One, The Goddess Connection
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Every woman should embrace her inner goddess. 
What’s your connection?

Jocelyn Gibson forgot about the realm of magic, but it never forgot her. Gram always told her: don’t ignore your magical gifts, it will insult the family. But Joss didn’t realize her gifts included channeling the energy of powerful ley lines. Or that her family included a goddess. 
Family connections come in handy when the Lord of the Underworld kidnaps local vet Eric Hendricks. He’s an amazing lover, but Joss didn’t know she loved him until too late. With a little help from the Goddess Iris, Joss defends the new life she’s forged, and helps save the town of Boiling Springs from destruction. Once Eric escapes Hell, can she stop loving him to keep him safe?

I have read a lot of novels. Very few of them have the same utterly charming, heartwarming quality of this novel. The Magic of Lavender is totally delightful from the very first word to the last. It tells the story of Joss, a string, independent woman who is unaware that she is related to a Fey Goddess.  Joss is also quite unsure of her own abilities and her own heart. It also tells the story of Eric, the local hottie veterinarian that Joss has feelings for. When the denizens of the Underworld pop up in their small town of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania to threaten the town and Joss’s love for Eric, Joss is required to acknowledge her family connections, and learn to trust herself and her heart to save Eric.
This enchanting story brings in all the beauty of the Fey world, as well as the darkness of the Underworld, to combine in a glorious arrangement that is both exiting and captivating but still soothing all at once. As is obvious, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is a perfect length, which allows everything that needs to happen enough time to happen. The characters are obviously very expertly designed, instantly sparking to life on the page. I would most definitely encourage anyone with a love of fairies or lavender plants read this novel.
Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick

I've always loved books that center around Goddesses and The Magic of Lavender fits the bill perfectly. 
The cast of characters of this book keeps the book even more interesting.
 The underworld that was created by Masters is unique in that it is an entirely different way at seeing Goddesses. The Inn is on ley lines that help Joss use her magic. Using the ley lines she makes the Lord of the Underworld angry. You really need to read the book to find out what happens!
I cannot wait to read the second book in this series and other works by Cate Masters. This book really made me escape my boring life and enter into one that magic is possible. 

Romancing the Book - Top Review

The Magic of Lavender is a lovely paranormal romance that taps into everyone’s love of magic and soul mates. Although the story moves really fast at first and it takes the reader a while to get into the fast flow, Jocelyn, her friends and family are likeable characters; so is the town’s resident veterinarian, Eric, with whom Jocelyn feels a tenable connection.
The tension between Jocelyn and Eric is the element in the story that creates the most anticipation, conjuring images of passion and love that every person longs for. Cate’s writing is sensuous and inspiring, and the flow of the plot becomes so smooth that you cannot wait to find out how the story ends, and whether Eric and Jocelyn are truly meant for each other.
This read is fast and fun, and inspires one with a feeling of the possibility of love.

This has a very good plot and the characters are believable. I think that fantasy romance fans as well as paranormal romance fans can enjoy this.
Bitten by Paranormal Romance - 3

When her grandmother entered, fully dressed, Joss went to her. “Morning. Coffee’s on in the kitchen.”

Gram hugged her. “Jocelyn, are you all right? You had an eventful evening.”

To say the least. Gathering the votive candles, she spoke as if distracted by her work. “I’m fine.”

Standing slowly, Lydia’s blood-red nails clenched the air. “I’ve never seen so many fae invade a home at once.”

Neither had Joss. When she was a girl, swarms of glowing beings would flicker in the blades of grass, or leaves of trees. Sometimes flit to her window. But come inside? Only on occasions of rare importance. “Aunt Lydia—”

Her aunt came toward her. “The sign was very clear.”

Evading the interrogation, Joss wrestled a wing-back chair to the center of the carpet. “I can’t let myself believe in bad luck.” Safer to make her own luck through hard work than rely on luck bestowed by supposedly mythological creatures.

Gram stepped closer. “They’ve come back, Jocelyn. I’m not surprised, really, that you found their favor again, given our family history.”

Lydia added, “But you must treat them with respect.”

How could she admit she’d hoped they’d return? That in planting a field of lavender in the spring, she’d hoped to encourage them to stay?

Nor could she admit last night’s dream to her aunt. Like the lights, it had happened once before. The same night as before.

Long after saying goodnight to Gram and Lydia, Joss stood at her bedroom window and imagined a field of purple waltzing with the breeze beneath the stars. The image stayed with her as she settled into bed. It coaxed her to sleep, but grew more vivid with the lights out.

In her dream, the evening star shone more brightly than usual, and led her to the stone bridge. The silhouette of a man beckoned beyond the lavender field. She crossed the bridge into the lavender, and its blooms caressed her legs as she walked. Instead of its scented oils soothing her skin, it excited her. The thought of meeting him excited her too. Dusk deepened quickly, and she couldn’t see his face as he leaned down to kiss her. Pressing against him, her body fit snugly against his curves. He took her down into the lavender, filled her body and soul, with the stars glimmering so bright and low, they mingled with the violet blooms. He was so tender, yet strong. His caresses so loving, he brought her to heights she never imagined, and only after she was fulfilled did he allow himself release. Afterward, he rolled onto his back and pulled her close, his skin warm against hers. His voice rumbled through his chest. “Who needs fireworks with so many fireflies?” The reverberations made her fingers tremble, and she closed her eyes to listen to him breathing.

She’d awakened in a luscious afterglow, but bothered she had no clue who he was, or when she’d find him. Or what he’d meant about fireworks. In the dream, she knew exactly what he meant, but now...

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