Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PA Halloween Horrors: Seven Gates of Hell

It’s not one of the things I’d love Pennsylvania to be recognized for! But the Commonwealth I call home made the list of top 13 places around the world that contain portals toHell.

If you do a little digging, you’ll find conflicting stories. HauntedUSA says:  “It is a story of death. It is story of despair. It is a story about attempting to breach the very boundries of hell itself. It is the story of Toad Road.” 

Many would argue that it’s just a story. Period. But who knows? I’m certainly not going to find out. York is about an hour from my home. That’s not nearly far enough from a portal to Hell!

As far as the claims that it’s the former site of an asylum, apparently there’s no record of an asylum at that location. Unless it was some supernatural one, I suppose. Maybe storytellers are mixing it up with the Eastern State Penitentiary. But that's a post for later, mwahahaha.

Wikipedia  allows for two separate tales about the Seven Gates, the second sounding more likely but every bit as tragic – a man murdering his family in the 1950s. And no, it’s not called Hellam Township because it’s a portal to Hell – that’s an urban legend.

But it doesn’t stop Hellam Township from including the story on their website. Not to drum up tourism, though – the land is privately owned, and trespassers aren’t welcome. Especially satanic cults, though they’ve reportedly used the site for rituals *shudders*

If you’re curious what the first gate looks like, watch this video.

Pretty ordinary-looking, huh? Bet it’s not at midnight!

Be my Halloween guest!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, would you really want to test that theory at midnight?
Never knew there were seven real gates.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I had no idea I was so close to that gate. I've been to Hellam for one reason or another. Spokey.

Cate Masters said...

Not me, Alex! I don't think all the gates are physical. But we'll never know, since no one's made it past the fifth - not to tell about, mwahahaha!

Cate Masters said...

Pennsylvania has more than its share of spooky sites, it seems, Susan!

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