Monday, December 23, 2013

Casting Call: Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake

Another Casting Call! I've missed doing these.

Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake has a somewhat large roster of characters. I won't show them all to you, but here are the major ones.

This holiday novella's the story of two people who never quite got over each other.

Sierra O'Brien married her former love's school rival and retreated into her life. Big mistake. She endured years of verbal abuse before her husband's sudden death. Out of that tailspin, she manages to right herself and move forward with her life. To do that, she needs to leave all the terrible memories behind, so brings only her clothes to her hometown of Bliss. She never counts on running into Carter, but she's inspired by his success to launch her own business. Plus, she intends to find someone who made her feel as good as he did.

Emma Stone is a perfect Sierra.

After their breakup, Carter Grove became a success machine, pushing himself to ever-greater success to fill the void left by Sierra. He became a top rival of Steve Jobs, but it cost him two marriages. Both wives loved his bank account more anyway. When he runs into Sierra along the PA Turnpike, he's drawn home to Bliss too.

From the beginning, David Giuntoli was Carter.

Oren and his dog Jack hike across the country together, and happened into Bliss while following the Appalachian Trail. Lucky for them. The locals opened their hearts when Jack was struck by a car. Oren's in town doing odd jobs to raise money to pay for his operation. He's also known to dispense wisdom when needed.

Luke Kleintank was always Oren.

Carter's estranged wife, Barbara, stars in the reality show Unhappy Housewives. And she plays the role to the hilt. When she learns Carter's returned to Bliss, she makes the most of the opportunity to play the injured spouse.

Sandra Bullock normally plays the America's sweetheart type, but I know she could be a killer Barbara. Just look at that expression! I wouldn't want to go up against her.

Sierra's longtime friend, Rosalie, has never left Bliss, but found her own bliss as a singer-guitarist. She's happy playing gigs around town.

Carey Mulligan is Rosalie.

Shotsie owns and runs the Bliss Music Emporium. Once a backup singer for Janis Joplin, she now inspires young people by giving guitar and voice lessons.

Sally Struthers is the perfect Shotsie.

Sierra's parents welcomed her home, and offered her a job in their coffee shop, The Sweet Spot, until she can get her own business going.

Dianne Wiest is Ellie O'Brien, and Sam Shepard is Bob.

Carter's parents never held much regard for his wife Barbara. They'd pegged her as a gold digger from the beginning. So they're more than encouraging Carter to hang around for Thanksgiving, and afterward.

Diane Keaton is Carter's mom, Deborah, and Aidan Quinn is Carter's dad Curtis.

Thanks for checking out this Casting Call! I hope you'll read Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake too.