Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

At year's end, we always take stock of what we've done - or haven't done.

Although I was lucky to attend some great events in 2016, the latter defined my writing. I re-released Dead to Rights after receiving the rights back, and in doing so, moved this novel to my mainstream/fantasy/futuristic pen name of C.A. Masterson.

This marked the most significant change for me. I did write two other novels as C.A. Masterson, and am in the process of finding an agent who will love them as wholeheartedly and enthusiastically as I do.

It's definitely not goodbye for this pen name, either. I hope to attend a few more events this coming year under one or both author names. And I may yet re-release a few stories if I request the rights back. At the moment, I have no romance stories subbed, but there are plenty in my backlog to choose from. Just take a look under the tabs above  - paranormal/fantasy, historical or contemporary.

I'm always open to having guests on this blog! So hit me up if you need any promo spots.

As far as writing, I have enough ideas for mainstream, fantasy and futuristic novels to keep me writing for years to come. These stories may have an element of a love story, but don't fit a publisher's category of romance. These are the types of novels I grew up reading, by the authors I love.

So I hope you'll follow me as I transition to my C.A. Masterson pen name. It's going to be a grand adventure!

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So, in 2017, I wish you amazing adventures as well.As the inimitable Neil Gaiman said, I wish you good madness this coming year.