Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Author Chat with Linda Engman

Hi Linda! So glad to have you at Author Chat, where we can learn a little bit about you, and your book.  
Cate, thanks so much for having me here today.

Grab a cappuccino and let’s chat. Unless you have another favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)? 
Actually a cappuccino sounds perfect.  Although I wouldn’t turn down a martini or glass of white wine. 

A woman after my own heart. :) Fur or feathers, petwise?
My family and I have two Griffon hunting dogs, Bay and Pal.  They camp out in the corner of my living room and follow me around all day.  The highlight of their week is the UPS man delivering a box or consuming popcorn on the weekends.

Any pet peeves? One thing that really burns your biscuits?
I’m a pretty easy going person so it takes a lot to rattle me.  But if I had to pick, I’d say my husband’s messy habits.  I’m a total neat freak and constantly find myself picking up after him.  Besides that he’s a night owl-I’m a morning person.  He drinks beer-I’m into wine.  The list is endless.  I guess opposites do attract. 

Sounds like me and my hubby! Favorite quote? 
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Coco Chanel 

Love that. What’s your ideal day like? 
First of all having my makeup looking perfect for once along with having a good hair day.  Then enjoying a blueberry muffin and coffee, before a fun day of shopping and lunch out with my girlfriends or daughter.  Followed up by cocktails and dinner out with my husband.  If I could do this every day I’d be in heaven!  My other perfect day is hiking or skiing with my family, followed up by a great dinner together and a movie.  My son picks out the best action movies.  He’s got me hooked on them. 

If you could live out any fantasy, what would you do? 
I’d love to live in Manhattan and work as a cosmetic executive and live in a trendy modern loft in SoHo.  I can just imagine the big walk-in closet I’d have and all the shoes I’d buy. 

I love NY too. Beethoven, Beatles, Foo Fighters or Keith Urban? 
My favorites are a mix of Stone Temple Pilots, Tony Bennett, Scorpions, Diana Krall, Amy Winehouse, Travis Tritt, to name a few.  I love all kinds of music as you can tell. 

My tastes are very electic too. Do you have a music playlist for your book? 
Music for me plays a big part in developing a story and even characters personalities.  For each of my romance novels I create a different play list.  For Manhattan Holiday, I listened to a lot of Christmas music as I wrote the scenes that took place in snowy Manhattan.   For the scenes in Miami, I listened to Alejandro Sanz for that sexy Latin influence. 

Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why? 
Easily, I’d invite all the girls from my two Cedar Point romance novels, I’ve Got You and Falling For You:  Amber, Heather, Stacy, and Brook.  In each book these ladies loved to gossip about men over cocktails and yummy food.  They have the best time together, so it would definitely be a fun evening with them.  I also wouldn’t mind a dinner out with my sexy rugged hero Cooper Gerhardt from FFY.  Although I’m sure my husband would insist on coming along. J 

While creating your books, what was one of the most surprising things you learned? 
How much I love my characters and how hard it is to move on to another project once I’m finished.  I loved Cedar Point in I’ve Got You so much, I wrote the sequel Falling For You, and have readers and reviewers asking for a third book in the series.  I also especially loved my time working on Manhattan Holiday.  It’s such a fun, sexy, fantasy story, that I hated to see it end.  I’m contemplating writing another holiday story set in Manhattan. 

They do become like family, don’t they? Where can readers find out more about you? 
Readers are welcome to visit my website and blog.  I update it every month with new information and fun things on my blog.  There is also information where to find my books.  I also have an email address on my website for readers to send me mail.  I’m also on Facebook and love it when readers send me friend requests.
Please share a book blurb and/or excerpt.

Book Blurb: Manhattan Holiday

Get Ready for a Very Romantic Holiday

Recently jilted, legal assistant April Sutton is ready to find a way to forget her ex-fiancé and the heartache she’s been carrying around snowy Manhattan.  With the New Year holiday approaching she’s determined to restart her life.  Never in her wildest dreams does she expect a last minute marriage to dynamic Roman Vasquez, along with a sultry weekend trip and a romantic dream wedding, to do the trick.

In order to meet the New Year’s Eve deadline of his grandfather’s will, successful developer Roman Vasquez will do whatever it takes.  Even if it means giving up his bachelor status and convincing an unwilling April Sutton to tie the knot.  Although he finds all it takes to persuade her is—one kiss, a contract, and the wedding of her dreams.

Will Roman and April keep it all business...or let the magic of the holiday season, along with meddling friends, family, and hidden feelings turn their temporary whirlwind marriage into everlasting love?  

Thanks for chatting, Linda! Hope your holidays are merry.


Cate Masters said...

Welcome Linda! Congrats on your holiday release - such a fun premise. :)

The Word Place said...

Looks like a novel that would keep a reader very warm during the cold weather! Enjoyed your interview, too!

Linda Engman said...

-Thanks for having me, Cate. I had so much fun writing Manhattan Holiday and I'm looking forward to release day on Friday.
-Thanks Judy! Yes, I'm hoping readers will cozy up with my book and enjoy!

Maeve Greyson said...

Sounds like a great book! I can't wait to read it. :-)

Ilona Fridl said...

Love a romance set in the big city once in a while. Sounds like a good book, Linda! And you're a very interesting person, too.

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