Sunday, February 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Surfacing

I was sorry to have to miss Six Sentence Sunday last week, but I had long ago scheduled a guest, so honored that commitment.

Here's a little more from my fun contemporary fantasy, Surfacing. I think this will probably be my last for this novel. Hopefully it will tempt you to read more. :)

Chaz whirled, the rifle at his shoulder. A dull noise sounded – like a door slamming – as the rifle barrel lit for a split second in a burst of light.

AJ fell to his knees, clutching his side. It tingled. When his hand felt wet, he looked down. The red blotch on his shirt matched his palm. He dropped onto the patchy grass.


You can read reviews, the excerpt, view the trailer, and even see who I envisioned in the movie roles for Surfacing here.

Check out more wonderfully talented Six Sentence Sunday participants here. I have to travel out of state for a funeral today but will catch up with everyone afterward.

Be sure to follow next week,when SSS celebrates its first anniversary. There'll be plenty of great giveaways, including one from me, so you won't want to miss it. :)

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Jessica Subject said...

Good pacing with the short sentences.