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Tracy L. Ranson in the Author Spotlight

Saw That Coming, Didn't Ya?

Okay, it’s confession time…How many of you wait patiently for the next book from your favorite author, practically salivating and counting down the days until it comes out?  I know I so do…

I used to have quite a few favorite authors but I’ve quickly narrowed them down and for one reason only: I hated the ending! I don’t know about anyone else (I hope I’m not the only goober who does this) but I seriously now read the endings in the store before buying the book. Weeeeeeelll, let me tell you why. I am not going to name the author because she has written some splendid books and they’ve been terrific but this one left me bitterly disappointed. With the awesome blurb on the back and gorgeous cover, I assumed that this book would be a great as her others. Needless to say, I was utterly shocked. Not only did the heroine die at the end but he married her sister the day of the funeral!!!! Okay, how in the hell did THAT get onto a bookshelf? I’m not going to name the title either because this book is long out of print.

I ranted, I raved and I screamed. Here I am, glued to my chair way late to the night, rooting for the hero and heroine to get through all their travails, hoping for a great ending then BOOM! I’m floored.

That is my biggest pet peeve in the world and I try very hard to bring closure and a happy ending to all my books. I get emails all the time telling me how a reader loved the ending. I believe after the obstacles the characters have had to fight along the way, the least they deserve is a happy ending! C’mon people!!!

In all seriousness, I give my readers the same things in I want in a good book: great plot, unforgettable characters and a wonderful ending. A lot of big name authors feel that because of who they are, they can create any story and it will sell. Not true. Romance readers are the best there are and disappoint them once, they’ll feel betrayed. I make it my mission to never disappoint my readers because without them, I’d be nothing.

Tracy L. Ranson

Tracy's Bio

I’ve been an avid fan of history all my life. That love started in my childhood. Instead of reading us fairy tales, my father would read to us from history books that he had, on all different subjects and levels. Intrigued by the past, I hungered to read more…
As I child, I would re-write the endings of all my books if I didn’t like the way they ended. My mother thought it was cute but she had no idea then what would happen today. It was only natural that later I would go onto writing.
I earned an engineering degree before I started writing, focusing all of my time and energy on it. After a while an opportunity to change careers came into play and I took it. My passion for writing came to the forefront.
With the love and support of my husband I am able to live the dream of being a writer. He is my inspiration for romance and what true love really is.
We live in a quite little neighborhood about two minutes from where I grew up. Our house is filled with 3 tails and sets of paws. Thomas, Pavel and Victor our beloved felines. Weird names you ask? My husband is a hockey fanatic and decided to name all the pets with the names of current hockey players.
My dream in life has always been to mold ideas and bring stories to lives that are near and dear to everyone’s heart. I am very fortunate to be living my dream now. Continuing to hone my craft with each new book, I hope I am able to touch upon my readers and inspire them. 


Knightly Seduction
Siren Publishing
Erotic Historical Romance
Available NOW

After being kidnapped, shrewd business woman Tess McLeod awakens in a brothel room ready to be sold at a "virgin auction." She refuses to comply with the brothel, especially when that leaves her inheritance, McLeod Shipping, in the hands of her abductor and late father’s business partner, "Mad" Jack Anderson.
To avoid a scandal, Duke William Knightly of Devenleigh, the head of Riverlark Shipping, follows his frivolous, carefree brothers to the brothel auction to take them home. He doesn’t plan to make a purchase, but when Tess is brought to the dais, his conscience tells him to save her. But it's only after he pays for her that he discovers the mysterious woman is a threat to everything he knows, including his heart.

William watched as two whores brought out the next girl. His fists curled at his sides while his heart pounded at the barbarity of the situation. The girl couldn’t have been more than twenty years old. She possessed long, blonde streaked hair kissed golden by the sun. A tight red corset wrapped around her upper body, hugging feminine curves. Flimsy material composing her dress softly clung to the delicate curves of her thighs. Desire and lust nipped at him, but he pushed the unbidden motion away. He had to do something for this poor creature.
The whores seated the girl in the chair. The girl’s vacant stare remained glassy as if they’d given her a potion to make her docile. A red haze clouded his vision while the thunder of blood roared in his ears. How dare they treat an innocent young woman in this fashion?
A hand went up into the crowd. “Ten pounds.”
Mrs. Blakely turned to the crowd. “Any other bidders?”
“Twenty!” came one shout.
“Thirty!” was another.
“Thirty measly pounds for this girl’s innocence? Come, gentlemen, surely a night of first passion and introduction to womanhood is worth more than that!”
“How do we know she’s a virgin?” called one of the bidders.
“She was personally checked by me, gentlemen,” Mrs. Blakely announced as she patted her abundant bosom. “I guarantee she is snow-white pure. Now, do I hear bids for more than thirty pounds?” She walked around the girl, lifted up a bit of the filmy gown, and exposed the poor creature’s slim, well-defined ankles. “How would any of you like those wrapped around your waist—or your ears, for that matter?”
Bidding grew fierce as the price climbed higher and higher, adding to his tension. William stared into the innocent face. Her amber-colored eyes silently begged him to do something to help her out of this dire situation. His lips pulled taught. He never abandoned anyone who required his aid. He raised his hand. “I bid two hundred pounds.”
Collective gasps rumbled through the crowd and put a halt to the proceedings. Mrs. Blakely spun around to meet his gaze. “Did I hear you correctly, good sir?”
He nodded. “I’ll pay two hundred pounds for the girl.” All eyes turned to him, most filled with jealousy. Some of the men he knew, and the fact they had participated on the auction appalled him. He did so only to save the last girl.
Mrs. Blakely patted her thick bosom with her kerchief again. “Do I hear any other bids?” Silence abounded as no other offers came. If they had, he would have given more. “Nothing?” She looked to the crowd. Apparently, she wanted an even greater amount for the girl. She sighed after a moment and looked at him. “Sold!” Her scarlet lips spread into a crooked smile. “I have designated a room for your use. One of my girls will show you there so you may take your prize.”
“I’ll take her to my country estate where I can enjoy my prize in privacy.” William cringed the moment the words left his mouth. He had no intention of taking the girl at all. Besides, rumors circulated that Madame Blakely had holes in each of the rooms where she could watch her girls work. He wouldn’t give her the pleasure of finding him to be more of a gentleman than a rake.
“No, my lord, the girl doesn’t leave this establishment.”
William extracted his bill fold and withdrew the two hundred pounds. Folding the money, he waved the pile under her nose. “If you wish to be paid you will. I want the girl dressed properly when I leave here with her.”
Mrs. Blakely stiffened at his order and lifted her chin. “Very well, but I would like her brought back in the morning. I intend to make a pretty penny off this piece’s quim.”
William handed her the bills. “I think not. The girl will be given her choice of what she wishes to do. If she pleases me, then I may make her my permanent mistress,” he said, lying. He already possessed a mistress named Riverlark Shipping.
Deep flashes of red flooded up Mrs. Blakely’s thick neck and spread out over plump cheeks. “But, my lord—”
“The decision has been made. Get her ready.” William spun on his heel. He stared his brothers, their faces twisted in expressions of astonishment.
“What has gotten into you?” Gareth demanded. “We never buy the women except for seasoned ones.”
“I have my own reasons.” His shoulders stiffened. He had never given an insight to his thoughts and feelings, even to his brothers. He wasn’t about to change that now.
Edmund clapped him on the shoulder with a hearty slam. “This isn’t like you. Hell, it isn’t like you to be in a place like this. What brings you here anyway?”
“I originally came to bring the three of you home, but I decided to stay and enjoy myself.” He hated being there, even more so he’d “bought” another human being, but for her sake, he could live with his decision. There would be no telling what would have happened had someone such as Lord Warwick bought her. She would have suffered at Warwick’s hands, for he had long been rumored to be devoted follower of the Marquis de Sade. He couldn’t have lived with himself had he done nothing to save her. “That is where my reasons end.”
He looked to the chair and found the seat empty. Good. They had taken the girl up to properly dress her and to get her ready for departure.
Garrick pressed him further. “Tell us why you’ve done this.”
“Why do you need to know?’
Garrick shrugged. “Because this is not something you normally do, and since you really don’t carouse the way we do, I thought perhaps you were softening a bit.”
“I’m not becoming like any of you. I am still my own man, and what I do, I do for reasons that will only be known to me.”
“There is no reason to be an upstart about this,” Garrick countered. “We just simply want to understand your sudden change of heart.”
Before William could give his answer, the two whores brought the young girl to his side. A blue cloak clad her delicious body while a wide cowl covered her face. Her head remained bowed. “Are you ready?” She nodded. “Then let us proceed to my country estate.” He took her by the elbow and stared at his brothers. “Stay in the townhouse for tonight. I wish to be alone.”
William exited behind the girl amid the questions of his brothers, refusing to answer any of them. The sooner he got this girl safe, the better off they would be. She could spend the night in safety at Ravensdowne and go where she wished in the morning. No one would be the wiser.


Cate Masters said...

Welcome Tracy! Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Emma Lai said...

Gripping excerpt, Tracy. I have also been disappointed in the past by authors I loyally followed. Sometimes I read the ending to see if the author's come up with something unlike his/her previous work. So, you're not alone!

Tracy L. Ranson said...

Sorry this is so late!!!! Better late than never I always say but what can you expect from someone who was born a month late and in the hospital elevator no less! ROFL....I so totally agree. I hate to spend money on books that don't have a happy ending.