Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Death's a busy girl!

It's Day 3 of the blog tour, and today she has two blog stops.

I hope she's ready for her closeup at Freda's Voice, which is featuring a promo.

At Darkest Addictions Book Reviews, I have a guest post AND they reviewed Death Is A Bitch.

Hope her stilettos hold up under so much running around. And I hope to see you at a blog stop or two!

Thanks so much for your support. And thanks again to Bewitching Book Tours for arranging such a fantastic tour! You can view the full schedule here.

Two more stops tomorrow!

Today begins the TRS End of Summer Bash!
 Tons of wonderful authors are participating. You'll want to visit the TRS party site - and comment - often today through Saturday. Why? Oh, you might just win the grand prize - a Nook! Or one of their many other giveaways.

I'll be posting there, too, and giving away an ebook of one of my 1NS series released by Decadent Publishing - winner's choice of my contemporary, Tonight You Belong to Me, or my fantasy, A Hard Day's Knight.

Congrats to Arlene Webb on the release of Harey!
Arlene has one of the most inventive minds. I'm looking forward to reading Harey.

Here's the blurb: Gwas can outrun a horse, knows how to hide and steal, but is ignorant of the ways of men. The last thing he expects when he is rescued from a miserable existence by a blue-eyed, blond haired angel is to be promised as a Druidic sacrifice to Eostre. Unfortunately, the only direction Gwas wishes to flee is straight into the arms and knife of his savior, Gareth.

Maura knows Gareth is no angel, but she adores him with a passion that time and loneliness cannot dent. When he rides in carrying an injured lad who fears her on sight, she is drawn to open her heart to the abused orphan as well.

Gareth is caught between his liege lord and brother’s fist, and an emotional dilemma that grows harder and harder to deny with every passing season. If he must defy man and gods in order to embrace his heart’s desires, so be it.

When the clash of old and new religions puts lives in peril, ultimate sacrifice bears witness to enduring love. Winter gives way to spring, and the evolution of a colorful myth spreads across the land.

Available at Decadent Publishing

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