Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspiration and balance

Creativity can't survive without these two elements. Not in any meaningful way for me, at least. And last year lacked one or both at various times.

Balance has long been a challenge. My drive to write is very strong, and I devote every spare moment to it. For the past few years, spare moments have been few and far between, but that's where inspiration evens out the scales again. And sometimes from the most surprising sources.

For instance, I received a catalog for women's clothing, and flipped open the cover. The introductory text gripped me. All about the Power of Intention, it said we all have great power within us - the power to do our best, to harness our strengths to become the most amazing versions of ourselves possible. That setting intentions and then striving for those goals can propel us toward what we most want in life.

Wow. I love it when words can act like a kick in the head. I needed that reminder. Not that I haven't been striving all along, but I think sometimes we can work against our intentions. At the end of 2012, I was experiencing burnout. I felt very scattered, trying to do too much. This year, I'm going to concentrate on the harnessing aspect to restore the joy that comes with doing what I love, and not just related to writing.

I made no real resolutions this year, but I hope to stick to this one. How about you - have you made any resolutions? Any tips on how to keep your resolve strong?

Around the blogosphere this week

Today I'm visiting with Deanna Jewel, who was kind enough to invite me to her blog to talk about my dark paranormal, Death Is A Bitch. I hope you can pop over and say hi.

Tomorrow, I'm back at Lorrie Struiff's blog, sharing a bit about the inspiration behind my Western historical, A Midwest Summer Night's Dream. Hope you'll visit me there.

I have another blog visit coming up on Sunday, but may not post here for the rest of the week. I have to travel out of town for a family funeral - the second loss within my family so far this year. Another reminder to make every day count.

And some good news....

Decadent Publishing released Dead to Rights in print! It's available through Amazon. I've already received my copies, and it's such a thrill. I love my Kindle, but it's wonderful to hold my own book in my hands. And I've always loved the cover, but it looks even more gorgeous in print!


T. M. Crone said...

Inspiration is the easy part, at least for me. It's finding a balance that's a challenge.

Maria Zannini said...

I'm sorry you're starting the year off with funerals.

Ref: resolve
For the most part, I think resolve has to be innate--as it is with you. But sometimes life gets in the way and there's not much you can do about it.

I used to beat myself up for missing my benchmarks. Then one day, I realized that it wasn't so much that I was missing my goals, but that I was rounding my life with other goals.

So now, if I don't get a book done, I'm not unhappy. All it means is that I added to the homestead, or saved my dog's life, or made my husband's life a little easier.

It's all good, even if it's not all planned. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Balance can be so difficult and each of us balances life differently.
Very cool you got a print copy of your book!

LD Masterson said...

Lately, it's been the inspiration that's it short supply but I know these things move in cycles and it will be back around again.

Savor the joy of holding your real,honest-to-gosh, printed book.

Lorrie said...

Balance is such a hard thing to grasp. Only because we don't know what each day will throw at us. So I don't think resolve will work, at least not for me. I write when I have the time, and so be it when it's done, it's done. I'm not going to stress anymore like I used to. I've learned.

DMS said...

Hi Cate,
What a great resolution- find and keep your joy! I will always try to remember this. The other thing I am going to be more present about is giving people the space they need to be themselves. Great post, I love being inspired by something I come across during my day, and then implementing it into my own creativity.

Excellent about your book- that's the greatest feeling!

Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Cate Masters said...

Hm, I know I replied to you guys - where the #!?! did it go?
Reply redux:
Thanks Tina! I have no problem with inspiration either. My muse works overtime.

Hugs, Maria. It's been a sad start for sure, but also inspiring. I learned things about my cousin I never knew, and it put me in awe of him. I wish I'd known him better.
And I'm adopting your 'it's all good' strategy this year! Thanks much.

Thanks Alex! It is cool it hold it. Now I have to plan some event to get it out to readers. :)

You'll get your inspiration game on, Linda. You've had so much else going on, it's amazing you're still standing!

I love that, too, Jess! And I love it when someone else finds inspiration in something I share, too. Hope the new year brings you wonderful things!

burun estetigi said...
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