Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cursed blog tour has begun! So has school. :)

The Cursed blog tour kicked off on Monday! Unfortunately my Internet wouldn't allow me to visit Book Reviews because it said the connection was unsafe. With a new computer, I couldn't risk it. :(

Today, the tour continues at Snarky Mom Reads  Thanks to Snarky Mom for taking the time to review Cursed! I hope you'll pop over and visit.

It's been a busy month already! The Story Structure Safari class I signed up for began on Sunday. Classes are two or three times a week, with plenty of material. And assignments! While I can't share any of the actual class work, the instructor named some resources you might find helpful as well.

Martha Alderson wrote a Plot Whisperer book, plus has a YouTube channel and a blog. If I ever get spare time, I'll organize my blog links better to keep writing blogs together.

I hope you had a wonderful and safe Labor Day holiday! I spent mine studying and completing seven interviews and a few blog posts. Only nine more to go... yikes, I'd better get busy!

Oh, before I go... I have to share this wonderful review of Cinderella Dreams from BTSE Magazine! I couldn't get my cursor to grab the text so my wonderful publisher did the next best thing - a screen shot!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Congrats on the review and the new computer. I've started to listen to mine when it tells me not to visit a site.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Susan! It took me too long to afford a new computer, so I really can't take chances. I just wish I hadn't let the salesman talk me into McAfee.