Thursday, July 10, 2014

Casting Call: Goddess, Awakened

This has never happened before, but when I was writing this novel, the hero and heroine I envisioned are married in real life (or were, at least - I think they've since split). I didn't know it until after I'd finished and began searching for images for the two. Maybe it's kismet, but my hero and heroine get to keep their HEA. :)

I've long admired Diane Lane for her qualities - she can be a strong heroine with a bit of insecurity, but her strength always surfaces when the situation calls for it. My own heroine of Goddess, Awakened endures quite a bit of upheaval in her life, and struggles with it, but gracefully. Diane Lane's classic beauty is perfect for Joss - she can literally dig in the dirt but cleans up to goddess standards nicely. :)

The hero, Eric Hendricks, starts out a bit stoic. Like Joss, he's widowed, and has closed himself off to hope for another lasting love. Of course, when he meets Joss, it rocks his world. 

Josh Brolin's both cool and hot, and fits Eric perfectly. Josh has had many different looks over his career span, but this pic's Eric all the way.

The character of Gram is both hard as nails, and soft as, well, a grandmother's embrace. 

Judi Dench has those qualities and so much more. For a senior, she can be a kickass heroine when needed.

Joss used to consider her Aunt Lydia somewhat of a flake. Yes, her palm and tarot readings were usually spot on, but her theatrical flair made it all a bit unbelievable.

Until Joss learns just how powerful her aunt really is.

Susan Sullivan has the perfect blend of over-the-top theatrics and strength.

Now, the Lord of the Underworld requires someone versatile. Someone who can play cunning and charming with equal verve. 

Jamie Foxx fits that bill. He's suave and handsome, but you never want to make him angry. :)

Finally, Sheree - the demon waitress. Yes, this role also requires someone who can inspire sympathy or revulsion. Someone beautiful, sexy and quirky. That someone is Helena Bonham-Carter.

And that's the Casting Call for Goddess, Awakened. All ready for you to take over, Steven Spielberg!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You picked some good ones. I love Jamie Foxx in everything he's in.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Susan! Sometimes the actors influence the writing, they're so perfect for the role.

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