Monday, September 15, 2014

So, I did this

Sometimes characters can be unruly. Tricksters, even. I think I have them nailed down, and then *poof* they slip from my grasp.

I'm actually wrestling with two stories like that. Other than revisions and polishing up Goddess, Spellbound this summer, I didn't get a lot of actual writing done. And it's frustrating as hell, let me tell you. The characters are locked up in my head and are not one bit happy about it. Yet they keep eluding me - usually a sign that I'm missing something important.

So, to keep them at bay, I've been releasing my creativity in other ways. Whenever I post photos on FB, I usually get some kind souls encouraging me to do something with them. (Bless you for your generosity, peeps)

So, I did this:

I wanted to try something different with photos -- something tangible -- rather than just posting them online. I love experimenting with the filters in Photoshop Elements. They bring out really interesting details.

Here's an example, a photo I snapped on the Delaware River one evening. The photo's mounted on a wooden plaque stained black:

In between wrestling with characters, I'll be adding to the shop's wares. If you check it out, let me know what you think?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those are really cool. I bet the boxes sell well.

DMS said...

Awesome! A wonderful creative outlet! When I am struggling with writing I draw. The variation in creativity keeps me thinking and dreaming and the writing comes when it is time. Best of luck!!!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks guys! A love of photography runs in my family. It's cool to do something with it, finally.