Saturday, November 29, 2014

Casting Call: Goddess, Spellbound

It feels like I've been waiting forever to reveal this cast for Goddess, Spellbound! Now that it's released, I finally can show you. This might be my favorite cast yet.

The main character, Sandy/Sanura goes through quite a change during the story. From insecure and somewhat shy to a true goddess. As a descendant of the goddess Bastet, Sanura has always envied the sleek grace of cats, and she can't go anywhere without cats surrounding her.

Sanura's obsessed with all things Egyptian, so when her museum scores a world-class exhibit of Egyptian artifacts, it's the thrill of a lifetime for her. Until the warrior mummy awakens, and a dead vizier tries to kill her.

Emma Stone can play fragile and fierce equally well, and would make a perfect Sanura.

Iker, the warrior who served under the queen pharaoh Hatshepsut, has been tasked with ensuring the queen pharaoh's soul finally sails off into the Afterlife, but first he has to convince Sanura that she's the only one who can perform the Pyramid Text spells to free Hatshepsut's soul.

Strong and sensitive, Iker was always Shemar Moore in my mind.

Sanura's intern, Howie, has a few surprises up his, er, sleeve. He's less interested in artifacts than revenge, and once he reveals his true self, Sanura's not sure which version of Howie she dislikes more.

I can't give away any more than that. You'll have to read the book to find out for yourself.

Matthew Gray Gubler was always Howie.

User, the vizier who returns through the false tomb door on exhibit at Sanura's museum, is the worst sort of villain. He's already dead, so there's no use trying to kill him. And he's been waiting for final victory over Hatshepsut since her death in 1548 B.C. He helped erase her from history, but won't rest until he makes certain the queen pharaoh's soul doesn't reach the Afterlife.

Sir Ben Kingsley would make a wonderful User.

Bastet is a multifaceted goddess. Not only is she the daughter of the sun god Ra, but she's the goddess of cats, a a warrior, but also a gentle protector of home and children, a healer and dancer, moon goddess, a goddess of pleasure. She goes by many names: Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra, Lady of the East, Goddess of the Rising Sun, The Sacred and All-Seeing Eye.

Another easy choice. No one but Angelina Jolie could play Bastet. 

Mrs. Allgood has a small but vital role in the story. She's a generous benefactor who donates more than money to the museum.

But she's another character I can't reveal too much about. She was a lot of fun to write, and especially when I imagined Dame Judi Dench as wielding her cloisonne walking cane.

Finally, the queen pharaoh herself.

Hatshepsut ruled from 1478 B.C. until her death twenty-two years or so later. Though Hatshepsut is generally considered one of the most successful rulers, history doesn't reveal much about her. After her death, her likenesses were chiseled from monuments, and her deeds stricken from pharaonic records. She was not buried in her official tomb, probably for fear of someone disturbing her remains.

She's the central part of this storyline, the wronged queen who seeks only justice and final release.

Minnie Driver would make an excellent Hatshepsut.

I love that there are so many strong female characters in this story. And the setting allowed me to explore ancient Egypt, which has fascinated me since I was little.

You can find out more about Goddess, Spellbound here.

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