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Goddess, Spellbound - The Goddess Connection 3, paranormal/fantasy with mythology elements

Ancient pyramid tomb doors. Mummified warriors. Artifacts appearing from nowhere.  And that’s just Sandy Whitaker’s work as museum curator. When spells become curses, and the dead return for vengeance, her dream job turns into a living nightmare.

The warrior Iker’s triumphed over difficult pharaohs and returned from battles victorious, but dealing with Sandy Whitaker is his hardest task yet. A descendant of Egyptian goddess Bastet, she’s headstrong, naïve and completely alluring. Can he convince her to perform the ritual spells to save the Queen Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s eternal soul? More importantly, can he help her realize she doesn’t need to be descended from a goddess to be one herself?

Sandy reluctantly embraces her heritage as Sanura, demi-goddess of cats. But even with her new powers, can she fulfill her destiny? If she can survive being kidnapped by a cobra shifter, she’ll do her best to perform the Pyramid Texts ritual spells so Hatshepsut can sail into the Afterlife at long last. But once the queen pharaoh is gone forever, will Iker leave her too?

Goddess, Spellbound

The Goddess Connection, Book 3

Fantasy/paranormal romance novel

Heat level: Sensual

About 68,400 words

ISBN:  9781310397615

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Casting Call
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Exciting News

These Words, A Blog included Goddess, Spellbound in its list of Top 15 Books of 2015! Goddess, Spellbound came in at #6.


First off, I have to admit to being very excited to see an Egyptian mythology story.  Good ones are very hard to find and this one was definitely a good one.  I love how Cate Masters takes the stories, both well-known and more obscure, and weaves them into her reality.  The gods, goddesses, and legends really come to life in the book and they will take over your world while you are reading.
Sandy is a fantastic character.  I loved her passion for history, her love of cats (I wish I could have seven), and her quirky personality were spot on for me.  Her journey from slightly insecure (but not overly so) museum curator to powerful goddess totally sure of herself was very subtle.  At one point I remember wondering when it happened.  But it was one of those things that changed just a little bit - but constantly - and then suddenly you realize you have something new and exciting.

Iker was all stiff formality - which is exactly what I picture an old mummy would act like.  I enjoyed watching him interact with the modern world, trying to adapt to its "craziness".  He was quite a mystery at times, keeping a lot of his emotions and thoughts hidden from the world.  But I still couldn't help but love him.

As Sandy embraces her destiny and heritage, she performs a ritual that was just beyond incredibly written that it totally blew my mind.  You will feel like you are there fighting and discovering right along with her the whole way.

Can you tell I love her writing?

This book was a breath of fresh air. I loved the transformation from clumsy, shy heroine to strong and confident descendant of a goddess. Sandy/Sanura wasn't ready to take every crazy idea as fact but she didn't hang onto her denial past the point of common sense either. Iker, the hero, was magnificent. He had all the insecurities you would expect of someone transplanted from another time and place but none of the idiocy.

The author did an excellent job of showing not telling. The paranormal element was well done and the ancient Egyptian pantheon integrated with present day in a believable way.

Inked in the Bayou – 4 stars

The Goddess Connection Series

Every woman should embrace her inner goddess. What’s your connection?

In each novel of The Goddess Connection series, the heroine is somehow connected to a goddess. Her lifelong quirks will become strengths once she finds her true place in the world, and accepts herself for who she really is.

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