Friday, January 30, 2015

Casting Call: Twice In A Blue Moon

I couldn't wait to show you this Casting Call! I've had these characters in my head for too long. :)

Melanie's a walking contradiction. She's tough but fragile, worn out though she perseveres, putting up a front though she's very down to earth, and she avoids love though she desperately needs it - it's the one thing that can heal her after the loss of her fiancee. She thought Pete was her forever guy, her Once In A Blue Moon guy. Then he died. Since then, she's been flirting a bit closely with death with her extreme sports show, No Boundaries.

Emilia Clarke is the perfect Melanie. Minus the dragons, of course.

Buck is also hiding from his painful past. When Melanie and crew show up, he realizes he can't hide any longer - not from his screw-ups, or from love. A leap of faith is the most difficult kind of leap for him, but some people are worth it.

I have to admit, I owe a big debt to Nathan Fillion. He was in my head as Buck from the story's inception, and influenced how I wrote Buck - from his looks to dialogue. So thank you, Nathan. :)

Hayden was a complex character. A bit arrogant, a professional who puts his job first but makes time for fun, and who cares deeply but might not show it well. Not necessarily likable, but very important to the story. Without him, Melanie might not have had the strength to move on with her life.

Alex Pettyfer would make an excellent Hayden.

Vivacious and energetic, Gina doesn't mind multitasking. She shoots video but is ready to step behind Melanie to follow her on stunts, or step up and fill in for the reality star if necessary. Jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit? No problem.

Jessica Alba would rock the role of Gina.

Anakarina may have a small part to play in this story, but she was very vivid. Her character didn't just play dead while she wasn't on the page. She went out and raised hell.

Eva Green would steal the show as Anakarina.

There were other secondary characters, but these were the most important to the story line.

I hope you enjoyed this Casting Call! You can check out more about Twice In A Blue Moon here.


Erin Fanning said...

I love your short descriptions of your characters--well done! And fun!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

You had me at Nate Fallion.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Erin! I love showcasing the characters this way. :)

Ah ha, now I know your weakness, Susan! Mwahahaha.

T.F. Walsh said...

Great selection... Oh I do like Nathan Fillion... yum.

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