Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Chillin' Winner and new cover reveal!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the Summer Chillin' blog hop. I really appreciate your visits and your comments! Hope you've tried the lavender margarita recipe too. :)

Now, for the winner... drum roll please...
Congrats to Stephanie of the DMS Files! You've won the ebook of The Magic of Lavender, the first in The Goddess Connection series. I'll be contacting you today, Stephanie - hope you enjoy it!

And now, another cover reveal from the wonderful artists at Decadent Publishing.

Here is the cover for my upcoming 1Night Stand story, Cinderella Dreams! Isn't it pretty?

Here's the blurb:

No one should live a life filled with regret. Once a successful wedding photographer, Genevieve Fuller’s life changed the day her ex-boyfriend wed someone else. Heartbroken for decades, she realizes too late who she truly loved and makes one desperate call to Madame Evangeline. She risks everything to right the wrongs of her past, which she hopes will heal her broken heart. Can Gen alter the course of her own future to include the Cinderella happy ending she should have had the first time?

Summer break!

I can't believe tomorrow will be July already. My hubby's on vacation for the first two weeks of July, and we'll be taking some day trips with the grands. I won't be around much, but I'll catch up to you when I can! Have a good one. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spotlight: Sun, Sand and Seances by Kathleen Ann Gallagher

Congrats to Kathleen on release day! Woot!
Sun, Sand & Séances releases today from Decadent Tease.

Bobbi Collins is a caring and devoted kindergarten teacher who had her world turned upside down when her fiancé died after a lover’s quarrel. Five years later, she still struggles with acceptance. Her role as an educator fills up her week, but on weekends, she longs for something more. When she stumbles across a newspaper ad for a psychic fair in the historic town of Cape May, New Jersey, it seems like the answer. Bobbi is determined to revive her once vibrant life.

Kevin Carlton a successful realtor is tired of the dating game. He doesn’t remember buying a raffle ticket, but when his co-worker announces he holds the winning number, he decides to take a chance and attend the all expense paid weekend in Cape May, at the Lady of the Sea's Psychic Fair. He hopes to find a spiritualist who has the ability to contact his late father and prove he has become a man to be proud of.

Sparks fly when Bobbi and Kevin run into one another at the fair. When strange happenings occur, Bobbi rushes into her ex-boyfriend’s arms. She never imagined having a weekend of magic, memories, and a chance to rekindle the flame with her lost love. 

Can sun, sand, and séances cast a spell on their hearts and allow the reunited couple to find what they both desire, or will the spirits sabotage it all?


He sat beside her on the bed and slid close. “Don’t be scared. There’s always something to repair in these old hotels. Try not to let all of the ghost stories get to you. It’s all in fun.”
“The stories I’ve heard sound real.”
“I think the air conditioner made the noise.” He laughed.
Bobbi grabbed the blanket from the edge of the bed and placed it around her shoulders. “Don’t you feel the cold air?”
“Did you turn it on when you came into the room?”
“No, I thought you did.”
“Now, that’s weird. I didn’t touch it.” Kevin tucked her against him. With their bodies close, neither of them said another word.
The warmth of his touch calmed her nerves, and Bobbi turned to gaze into his eyes. She gasped when he gave her an intense stare and placed his hand on the side of her face. Her desire surfaced and the wall she’d built to protect her heart since her fiancé’s death began to loosen. His cologne teased her to remember how sweet he had always been. As Kevin pulled her close and nuzzled her neck, she wrapped her arms around his broad back. When he placed his lips on hers and searched her mouth with his tongue, she whimpered and surrendered to his embrace. His kiss a reminder of the fun-filled days and long passionate nights. Why had she given him up? The image of her fiancé flashed in her mind like a bucket of cold water, and she shoved against Kevin’s chest, loosening his hold.
“Wait, wait…. We can’t do this! I came here to contact Greg. It doesn’t feel right.” Bobbi broke loose and straightened her blouse.
Emotion she couldn’t identify touched her deep within and twisted her heart. “I’m sorry I upset you, Bobbi. I’ve always remembered what we shared.” His voice cracked, and he slammed his hand down on the bed. “I know we were both young, but I made a terrible mistake to lose touch with you. You’re a beautiful woman….”


I’m offering one of you a 20.00 Amazon gift card, and a hand-made jeweled bookmark. 
Please make a comment to be entered.
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About Kathleen Ann Gallagher

I write contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance.

Although writing is my passion, nursing is my vocation.  I work in an emergency room, and it’s been challenging, and rewarding, to be such an integral part of so many other’s daily struggles.  I have a wonderful husband who always offers his support, and never complains about my crazy schedule. One of our favorite romantic getaways is Cape May, New Jersey, an old historic beach town where we take a step into the past, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Although my children are all grown with busy lives of their own, Chaz, our Shepherd mix, still dutifully stands guard at the house.  We are also blessed with three adorable grandsons.  

Other interests of mine include cooking, reading, and the theater.  However, spending time with my family is most important to me.  Even though my life is filled with work, family, etc., my mind continues to ponder the next story or concept for a new novel.

You can find me here. Website

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Chillin' Blog Hop

 Woot! Summer's here! Or so the calendar says. Our weather's not supposed to flip-flop - we're supposed to wear them! But it's either chilly or tropical here in central Pennsylvania.

No matter. Summer's a time to relax and chill out. Hit the deck with some margaritas!

Here's a recipe served by my heroine, Joss Gibson, at her bed and breakfast, Lavender Hill Inn. Joss grows her own lavender but you can purchase culinary lavender (check the label to be sure it's free of chemicals and pollutants). Refreshing and light, it’s a perfect summer drink!

Lavender Margaritas
           1 cup of tequila, to taste (optional)
           ½ cup blue curacao or other orange-flavored liqueur
           1 cup canned coconut milk
           1/3 cup lime juice
           2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries, unsweetened
           2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries, unsweetened
           4 cups ice cubes
           1 tablespoon granulated sugar
           1 teaspoon fresh or dried culinary lavender blossoms
           Lime wedge

1. In blender, combine tequila, curacao, coconut milk and lime juice. Cover and mix on high speed. Gradually add raspberries, blueberries, and ice. Mix until margarita mixture is smooth yet slushy.

2. In small bowl, mash sugar and lavender blossoms with a spoon. Rub glass rims with lime wedge to moisten. Dip rims in lavender sugar (or coarse salt), coating evenly.

3. Pour margaritas into glasses. Garnish with lavender sprigs.

4. Enjoy! (Responsibly)

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