Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Changes and news and more excitement than I can handle

I love publishers who put their authors first. One such publisher is Decadent Publishing, which has released 14 of my stories. They've recently changed hands, with familiar faces stepping up into the lead, and I'm excited for where they'll take the business from here. One step has been to revamp their web site, and while tracking down all the sales links for my stories, I came to a halt when it came to Dead to Rights.

This novel's a paranormal, but not a romance. More an action-adventure with mythology and the mystical. It didn't really make sense to have that story under my romance pen name. So I requested the rights back from Decadent. The transition was smooth and quick. I revamped the cover - I think it came out pretty well, don't you? It has kind of a graphic novel-y feel.
Then I re-released the book under my other pen name, C.A. Masterson, because it just fit better.

And I moved the description to my other blog, Painted Fire.

So far, it's available on Smashwords, but will soon be dispersed to affiliate sales sites.

After some consideration, I decided to likewise re-release Death Is A Bitch on my own. Likewise, Decadent released the rights to me last year without any qualms, for which I am grateful. And likewise, I created a new cover and think it looks pretty cool. What do you think?

After revising and expanding the original story by about 15k, I self-published it just this week. So far it's on Smashwords but will eventually appear on other sites such as Barnes and Noble.

But I'm really excited that the new version will also be print. *squee!* Just this morning, I ordered the print proof, and can't wait to see it. And hold it. And hug it.

I wish I could have copies for the Local Author Festival in Hershey this weekend, but that can't happen. Guess I'll have to add more events!

And I hope to see some of your smiling faces in Hershey this Saturday. The event runs from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. More details are here.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful holiday! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coming soon to Hershey

The Sweetest Place on Earth is about to get sweeter! In two weeks, the Hershey Public Library will host its inaugural Local Author Festival, hopefully the first of many. According to the web site, thirty authors will be there with their books, and are scheduled to talk throughout the day.

I'll be there too! My talk is set for 11:30, if you're interested in How to Tame A Wild Muse. And I'll have copies of books under both pen names - romance novels as Cate Masters and some mainstream books under my pen name of C.A. Masterson.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, from 9:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. Plenty of time to browse the book offerings and talk with the writers (please do! We love talking to readers!). A Visa gift card is up for grabs, but the best treat is finding new books to love.

The library is located at 701 Cocoa Ave, Hershey, PA 17033. Hope to see you there!

More sweet news!

The Griffin's Secret is up for the TRR Readers' Choice Awards!

But I need YOUR vote to help qualify.

Please add your nomination here. I'd be sooo grateful!

The link is at the top of the page. You do need to sign into your TRR account to validate the vote.

I love this story, and I hope you did too! Or if you haven't read it, I hope you will now. :)

Thanks so much!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Writing for my life

We can never know what curve balls life will throw at us. I had a reminder of this early this week, when I had to take my hubby to the emergency room because he was having chest pains. He was admitted for tests, and after a heart catheterization on Wednesday, finally came home. Thankfully, the problem isn't his heart, but unfortunately, he's still in pain and more tests are in store for him.

Of course, when life emergencies happen, everything else falls to the far end of the priority list. Including writing.

Except that when you're a writer in the middle of a story, the characters never leave you. Since November, I've been working on a novel. Actually, I'd finished the first draft, but any writer will tell you that's when the real work begins. Revisions are where the real story shines through.

All along, this story's been leading me down unexpected paths. It's the greatest feeling when a story surprises you, and even better when it happens over and over again.

In the middle of all the worry and stress about my hubs, those characters revealed deep secrets and insights. On an ordinary day, there's a danger of losing those ideas that blossom in your head, and on an extraordinarily stressful day, that danger multiplies exponentially.

So while my hubby was having his heart scoped, I wrote.

Some might think me callous, but it's actually the opposite. Aside from not wanting to lose those new revelations, I desperately needed that escape from reality. Those were three long, intense days. I'd been through this with my husband twice already, and believe me when I tell you, it does not get easier. Writing isn't merely a hobby for me. I've been writing since I was in elementary school, and it's one of the most important means of release I have.

Now that we're home, life isn't back to normal. (If I only knew what "normal" was!)

I'm still squeezing in writing as I find little pockets of time. And after reading over what I'd written from the surgery recovery room, I'm so glad I didn't wait. Because I love my characters so much more now.

And you never know what Fate might have in store.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Case of the Calamitous Computer

Unfortunately, not a Scooby Doo episode, though it might be categorized as a mystery: how can a desktop computer that is only four years old crash and burn?

It's every writer's nightmare. A few weeks ago, I booted up, and the worst message appeared on the screen - Hard Drive Failed.

Gah!  Noooooo! All my files are on there! All my kazillions of photos from the last four years. All my browser bookmarks, everything set up the way I liked it...

The good news was, I'd backed up all my stories in two other places.

The bad news was, the My Book external hard drive I'd bought with the computer never worked, so that backup system contained nothing.

Anyway, to make a long tale of woe a shorter tale of woe, I managed to boot up a few times and, in between crashes, manically copy files to CD and DVD (until that function failed too).

Thank goodness for Dell's Closeout Sales, too, because I was able to get a new CPU loaded with Windows 7 (yay! No Windows 10 nightmare! Yet.)

And slowly, I'm reloading the files from dozens of discs. I lost some writing time to unexpected admin tasks, but other than that and the unexpected expense, I can't complain.

I hope your year (and your computer) is treating you better!