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Wilderness Girl - Contemporary humorous erotic romance

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At the Wilderness Outfitters on a Friday night, Dana wonders why so many people find The Great Outdoors so great. Until she meets Hank— six feet of tanned muscle, wrapped in a faded black T-shirt, eyes like wildfire burning in a sun-kissed face. He invites her to his favorite camping spot. A web programmer, Dana’s outdoor experience consists of walks to and from her car. Hank initiates her to the pleasures of hiking, campfires, and Harley rides down winding roads. Making love beneath a starry sky, he awakens a primal Wilderness Girl in Dana she never knew existed.

Their weekend feels like a fantasy that might fade after returning home. Will her high-tech lifestyle clash with his low-tech one?  Can she manage to recapture the passion of the wilderness in their city existence?

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Wilderness Girl is an adorable contemporary romance with a really cute beginning that will make you laugh out loud! There are multiple funny moments as Hank teaches Dana how to be a wilderness girl. This storyline was a nice change of pace... and it was quite enjoyable. Hank and Dana had quite a bit of fun, which made it fun for me. This is my first book by Cate Masters, but it won't be my last. I look forward to reading more from her and I'm thinking you'll feel the same way too!

I loved this story for one main reason- it's why I love romances. The story was so fun. It was also filled with hot and steamy sex scenes, and the figuring out how this relationship will work stuff. Ms. Masters can write a story filled with all the ingredients for a good erotic, romance in my book.
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Wilderness Girl is a sweet erotic romance. I felt as I knew Dana and Hank and I was rooting for their happiness.


Dana scanned the stacks of camping gear piled on the shelves. People must be crazy to pay full price for this junk. But the investment in her future, their future, would pay off. He’d been so distracted lately. Working late, even going missing a couple of nights, leaving her waiting for calls that never came. When she’d asked later, explanations stumbled from his mouth in a staccato rush that left many of her questions unanswered. If going camping helped him focus on their relationship, well, she’d do it.

A deep voice behind her reached inside her thoughts. “Can I help you with anything?”

Her hold tightened on the cart handle. Sean must have circled back around. He liked it from behind, and lately doggy-style was their only position. With slow, exaggerated swishing of her hips, she backed toward him. Sexiness never came easily for her, but when her rear fitted against his front, his heat twined through her, more intense than usual. Maybe tonight he would relax a little. Mm, or maybe this shopping trip had revved him up too.

“Oh yeah, you most definitely can.” She reached around, and her hand landed on his thigh. A thrill shot through her at his sharp intake of breath.

Maybe she’d give him a taste of what, in particular, she had in mind. He kept pestering her to be more sexually adventurous. Probably why she always felt so awkward.

She wasn’t awkward now. She slid her fingers to the front of his jeans. Clicking each tooth of the zipper open, his stunned silence made her smile.

At the sight of Sean walking between aisles, looking in the opposite direction, she froze.

With a gasp, she whirled around.

There stood six feet of tanned muscle, wrapped in a faded black T-shirt and jeans shorts loose on his hips. Eyes like wildfire burning in a sun-kissed face.

Grinning like a fox. “Well, don’t stop there. You have my full attention.”

Excerpt 2
"There’s not much point in staying. I should probably just go.” What was the protocol for such things? Dismantle the tent, make sure she took everything she brought. Douse the fire. She sat looking at it. The fire had brought them together. He’d made it for her. She wished she could bring it home.

Resting his elbows on his knees, he glanced out over the hills. “You can’t go before spending the night out here. That’s the best part.”

“Really?” Her tone conveyed her confusion. She stared at him. A breath burst from her. She sprung to her feet and walked to the tent so he wouldn’t see the tears threatening. “No, I think I should go.”

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Within seconds, he stood next to her, his hands on her shoulders.

She shrugged away. “Let’s just stop now, before it goes any further.” The tumult of words flowed out uncontrollably. “You obviously don’t want it to go any further. And I don’t like being toyed with.” Fun though it was. She already missed it. Talk about dangerous.

“Dana.” He gently rubbed her arm.

“Stop.” She slipped past him, back to the fire.

He followed, and bent next to her as she threw the empty hot dog package into the cooler and slammed the lid shut. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to go any further.”

“No, no, you just tease me until I get all worked up, then push me away.” She stomped to the tent.

Behind her, his voice took on a new intensity. “I wasn’t teasing.”

Kneeling, she wrestled with the peg holding the tent. It didn’t budge, no matter how hard she pulled. “Oh, really. I suppose you have another name for it, then. You’re the one who lured me out here….”

He knit his brows. “I didn’t lure. There was no luring involved.”

Giving up on that peg, she moved to the next. No matter how hard she wrenched it, it stayed secure, mocking her. “Sure. And I suppose you don’t pull this with every other woman you meet.”

“Pull what?” He stood too close, close enough she could wrap her arms around his legs.

Her struggle with the peg became desperate. She mimicked his tone. “Oh, I know this great camping place. Yeah, maybe I’ll see you there. I can only imagine how many others have fallen for it. Well, not me, buster.”

He crouched beside her, his face close to hers. “It’s not buster. It’s Hank. Or did you forget already?”

She glared at him. “If I didn’t care, what would I be doing here? I’m a computer geek. I’m not the outdoorsy type. I hate camping!” She pushed herself up. His nearness took her breath away, scrambled her thoughts.

He rose beside her, his dark eyes ablaze. “I thought you came here to mourn the loss of your boyfriend.”

Anger forced her voice to a decibel range only dogs could hear. “What?” She laughed. “I was over him the night he walked out.”

He leaned toward her. “Well, aren’t you resilient.”

“Now that,” she said, nostrils flaring, “was snarky.” She tried to shake off the sting of his words. “Yes, I forgot  him the night he left. You know why? Because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” She gave a slightly hysterical laugh. “How stupid am I?”

His face softened. “About as stupid as me, I guess.”


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