Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sinful Sirens blog hop!

Thanks to Under the Covers and Guilty Pleasures for hosting this blog hop! Perfect timing, after the long, cold winter (and here, it still feels like winter - brrr!) We need some HEAT! :)

My giveaway is international -- winner's choice of any of my Decadent Publishing 1Night Stand shorts. There's a little something for everyone!

Choose from:


Her abusive husband finally out of her life, Jennie Mayfair arrives in her hometown to rekindle old friendships and make a new start. Jennie wants someone safe but sexy to hold her again and make her feel loved, and a surprise invitation from Madame Eve seems to be exactly what she ordered. She never expects her wish list to be filled to such sublime perfection. But how can she trust the guy who shattered her heart years ago?

Nick Spencer’s business success doesn’t keep him warm in bed, and neither did his wife, though she knew how to keep other men warm – in his own bed. When he learns his first love, Jennie, is single again, he arranges for a blind date. One night with her convinces him he’s missed too many years of happiness. He doesn’t intend to let her get away from him again. But can he convince her their past will be a solid foundation for a new future?

A Hard Day's Knight
Fantasy with TT elements

Some days, it’s best to lay low. Lance Knight finds out the hard way – when he encounters his longtime foe, witch Morgan le Fay, at Medieval Merriment. Her curse kept him wandering the world for centuries. When he also meets Gwyn McCartney there through a 1NS date, he’s struck by her resemblance to his true love, Guinevere.  It gives him hope for the first time in centuries. First, he must face Morgan to break the curse, and he has only one hope: his sword, forged in the fires with Excalibur and imbued with magical powers by Merlin.
Gwyn McCartney’s had it with dating. Her friend’s setup through 1NS with Lance Knight irritates her, especially when Lance acts bored at Medieval Merriment – her employer and greatest fantasy. When a wench threatens Lance – a witch, he says – her fantasy world seems all too real. After Lance kisses her, she knows she has to battle Morgan le Fay. Can she free him, or will she lose him forever to the witch’s curse?
Read an excerpt, reviews, view the book video, Casting Call and more here

Tonight You Belong to Me
Danny O’Malley’s screwed. After he and the love of his life, Jillian, moved to Las Vegas hoping to find their big break in show business, she’d tossed him out, thinking he’d cheated. Now he’s in deep with a loan shark to pay for a 1Night Stand—a date he believes is his last chance to win her heart again.
Jillian Jones wants to see Sin City—in her rearview mirror. Agreeing to a blind 1Night Stand date on her last night in Las Vegas as a favor to a friend, she discovers her match is Danny. When he plays their song, Tonight You Belong to Me, she melts. But when two thugs break in demanding money, she finds she might go out with a bang in an unexpected way. Can she save him, and their relationship?

How to enter
Just leave a comment below and be sure to include your email address. Easy peasy! :)

Don't forget to visit all the blogs in the hop to enter for more goodies! :)


Debby said...

Amazing collection of books. They sure look like they are Sinful.
debby236 at gmail dot com

susanmp said...

Those books sound really good, my wishlist is getting too big!

susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a log of blogs doing giveaways.

Anne said...

Thanks for participating.


Susan A Chesnoff said...

oh my I need more hours in a day in order to read all these great collections of books for sure! Thanks so much Cate. I would love to start with book 1 and follow along. Susan

Sassy Chassy said...

I love these choices! The last looks especially intriguing!
sassychassy333 at gmail dot com

laura troxel said...

All of your books sound like great reads. Adding them to my Wishlist.

Kerry Pacious said...

Great giveaway! Thank you-they all look like great reads-more to add to my TBR list

Meghan said...

Thanks for participating!! fishinlovingal@yahoo.com

Grandma to Twins + One said...

Thanks for being a part of this hop! I love finding good ones because you always find new blogs to follow.


Grandma to Twins + One said...

Thanks for being a part of this hop! I love finding good ones because you always find new blogs to follow.


Tanya said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
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