Monday, April 28, 2014

News for your Monday

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Nothing like good news to brighten a stormy Monday, so I'm sharing some. :)

Congrats to Arlene Webb on the release of her contemporary sweet humorous romance, In Lieu of Flowers! If you're not familiar with Arlene's fantastic work, I highly recommend it. This story's a lot of fun.

Family calls for help and I run to the rescue like I always do, to work cheerfully and politely, for as long as it takes. 
And I wind up in a jam. 
Mocked by flowers and non-existent fiends, I do what comes natural, perfectly normal for a guy who doesn't want to hang in a retail shop or funeral home—I freak out and hide. 
Then—she—joins me in my dark and cramped isolation, and I do something that goes beyond natural, surpasses supernatural and becomes, for me, a cosmic phenomenon. Struck not by lightning, but lust. A once in a blue moon, great-balls-on-fire infatuation. 
To get to the point—without knowing who the girl is, what she looks like, or anything about her—I fall for her. 

My name is Joel. This romance is the story of my death and my life. Trust me, after you read you'll understand.

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If you have a hankering to visit Sleepy Hollow, Taryn Kincaid's got an ebook or five to take you there! She's celebrating the release of her latest, In From the Cold, with a 99 cent sale on the previous books. A great time to catch up on this fun paranormal series!

Check 'em out at Decadent Publishing
or at Amazon

As for me, I'm  visiting Avid Readers Haven. Hope you'll pop over and say hi.

I'm also still begging for votes for the cover of A Wedding at the Blue Moon Cafe. Mina Carter did such a fantastic job on the cover art. I hope you'll give it a vote of appreciation at Lolly Tova's Cover Love. Hurry! The contest ends April 30.

Now it's off to work - more edits await. Have a great Monday!


Stephanie Faris said...

What a charming cover. I like it!

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)