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When Inside the Actors' Studio was a Bravo production, I used to love tuning into this show. It gave me a sneak peek inside the creative process of acting. Likewise with shows such as Sundance Channel's Iconoclasts. I just love listening to any sort of artist provide a glimpse into their inspirations, and how they use those inspirations to work at their craft. Because to me, writing is a craft - not a precise one, and thank goodness, otherwise we wouldn't have so many distinct writers' voices. Still, only a few great authors can get away with breaking the rules after they've learned them. As Michelangelo said at age 96, I am still learning. And, as Johnny Depp said, I never want to become comfortable with my craft because that means I've stopped trying.

To provide you with a glimpse into my own creative process, I've created several blog series. Each is listed below. (This is a work in progress - I should have started this list long ago!) If you click on the Books tab above, you can also find them connected to each story.

Or, enter any of the titles of the blog series as key words into the search box, to the left on my blog.

Casting Call
I may love this one the most. :) While writing, stories generally play like movies in my head. If I'm very lucky, I write very fast to keep up with the narrative. Casting Call allows me to show you who I envisioned as hero and heroine. Sometimes secondary characters will also come through very vividly.
Step into my movie production room for these stories:
Goddess, Spellbound
Goddess, Awakened
Meilin And the Challenger
A Wedding at the Blue Moon Cafe
Blue Moon Over Bliss Lake
Betting It All
Charmed and Claimed, The Vitruvian Man 2 and 3
Cursed, The Vitruvian Man 1 Homecoming
Death Is A Bitch
In the Midnight Hour
Orion Rising
A Midwest Summer Night's Dream
Tonight You Belong to Me
Dancing With the Devil
A Hard Day's Knight
Romancing the Hero
Picture This
Clio's Choice
Dead to Rights
Rock Bottom
The Bridge Between
Follow the Stars Home
Angels, Sinners and Madmen
Wilderness Girl
Soul for Sale
The Duende and the Muse

Story Elements
As the name suggests, this series provides the background behind each story. I'm a research junkie, and sometimes get lost in it! I collect pages and pages of notes from the Internet,  have purchased books, or sent for visitors guides to cities I've never traveled to. 
Dancing With the Devil
One Soul for Sale
Follow the Stars Home
Wilderness Girl
First Chapters
This is a fairly new series, and I'll be adding to it, but for now, you can read the first chapters to these stories:

Dancing With the Devil
Rock Bottom
The Magic  of Lavender
Follow the Stars Home
Writing Tips
Since launching my blog in 2009, I've shared many tips. I probably won't be able to find them all, but here's a sampling:
More Tips: Action Beats
Thanks, as always, for reading!